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What Will Affect Froth Flotation Process And What's the Solution?

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Froth flotation process refers to the beneficiation process of floating solid minerals from the suspension of slurry according to the differences in the physical and chemical properties of the mineral surface. It can be applied to almost all kinds of non-ferrous metals, rare metals and non-metallic minerals, and other mineral sectors.

At the same time, the froth flotation process is also a relatively complex mineral processing process, there are many factors that affect the froth flotation separation effect, such as ore size, ore properties, pulp pH and froth flotation chemicals. How does the parameter affect froth flotation process and how to solve the problems?

Let's dive in now! See the parameters how to affect froth flotation process and simple operation tips to solve it.

1. Grinding Size for Froth Flotation Process

Froth flotation circuit is consisted of grinding, mixing dosing, flotation separation and flotation foam products and tailings after dehydration process. The grinding size of ore is one of important factors that influence flotation effect.

If the particle size is too coarse, the ore grain shedding force will increase. If the particle size is too fine, the ore will be easy to stick on coarse surface and the coarse flotation ability will reduce.

Whether the grinding size of ore is too coarse or too fine, the flotation rate will be affected. So before flotation operation, it is important to make sure of the most suitable grinding size of the ore by doing grinding test.

 froth flotation process

2. Collector for Froth Flotation Process

For its strong collecting ability, collectors can strengthen the coarse grain collecting, increase the adhesion ability of particles and bubbles and fixation strength, reduce loss of useful elements, increasing the mass fraction of pulp, and increase the buoyancy of pulp in the premise of guarantee the stability of foam layer, stirring promotes the coarse grain suspension, appropriately increase and bubbles in attachment opportunity in froth flotation.

Apart from commonly used collectors,kerosene, diesel oil, and etc. can also be added in the flotation slurry as auxiliary collectors. First, using the selective flocculation flotation, the flocculant flocculation agent selectively mineral particles or gangue fine mud, then using froth flotation separation.

3. Carrier for Flotation Process

When the ore belongs to fine-grained mineral, it is very hard to use commonly used flotation method. And according to experiment result, carrier flotation process is an effective way to improve the recovery rate of fine-grained minerals.

The basic principle is to use coarse ore particles as a carrier and carry fine-grained minerals so that they adhere to the surface of coarse-grained minerals, and then be separated by conventional foam flotation process. 

The size and number of carriers will affect the flotation results. The carrier must be the same as the mineral it is carrying, and a hydrophobic surface is formed due to the addition of the agent. In order to make the carrier collide with the particles, the required stirring speed is higher than that of conventional flotation.

And the results show that the particle size of the carrier should have an appropriate range, and the amount of carrier added should be 20 to 40 times the amount of fine-grained minerals. So before operation, it is recommended to do carrier test to determine the most suitable amount and size of carries.


The three aspects of ore grinding fine, collectors and carrier mentioned above will affect froth flotation effect, and before the start of production, it is important to do related dressing test to determine the suitable parameters. What other parameters will have influence on froth flotation process, look here.


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