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7 Tips for Energy Saving and Consumption Reduction in Mineral Processing Plant

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(Case: Uganda Mineral Processing Plant  in Operation)

Energy saving is the need for the survival and development of mining enterprises, and it is also an important way to improve the economic efficiency and comprehensive competitiveness of enterprises. Mining is an industry that consumes a lot of energy, and it is worth exploring and researching in terms of energy conservation and consumption reduction. This article mainly analyzes the following 7 aspects to save energy and reduce consumption in the mineral processing plant.

1. More Crushing and Less Grinding Process

Following the principle of "replacing grinding with crushing", develop ultra-fine crushing and more crushing and less grinding processes, thereby optimizing and shortening the beneficiation process. 

According to the properties of different ores, the ore discharge particle size of the crushing process and the grinding process is scientifically stipulated, which can increase the operation rate of the crushing equipment by nearly 20% and the utilization factor of the ball mill by nearly 10%. And achieve the effect of reducing the total energy consumption of crushing and grinding by 15% to 30%.

2. Classification Efficiency

If the appropriate particle size in the mill's return sand is not separated out and returned to the mill, it will not only reduce the mill's grinding capacity, but also cause over-crushing of minerals and affect product quality. high-efficiency classification equipment to improve classification efficiency,so that qualified products can be discharged in time and reduce the phenomenon of over-grinding, which can reduce the energy consumption of grinding machines.

In the closed-circuit of grinding and classification, the spiral classifier is widely used because of its large processing capacity and low maintenance. However, it is gradually replaced by hydro cyclone in mineral processing plant due to its low classification efficiency and large circulation load. Using hydrocyclone as classification equipment for grinding, its classification efficiency is 15%-30% higher than that of spiral classifiers, which can greatly reduce the unit grinding cost. Therefore, improving classification efficiency plays an important role in improving processing efficiency and reducing energy consumption in mineral processing plants.

3. Pre-concentration and Waste Discharging Process

The ore with a high depletion rate should be pre enriched pre-concentration and discharge rock first by hand sorting, electrical separation, photoelectric separation, dense medium beneficiation, or dry magnetic separation.

After pre-concentration before ore crushing or grinding, 1/5 to 1/2 of the raw ore volume can be discarded, which can not only improve the raw ore grade in the beneficiation process but also reduce the ore volume entering the crusher and mill. After the pre-selection, the hardness of the grinding ore is reduced, and the consumption of the steel ball liner and the power consumption are respectively reduced, thereby saving a lot of energy.

4. Mineral Processing Equipment Configuration

While meeting the process flow requirements, the scientific configuration of mineral processing equipment can effectively improve the operating efficiency of equipment and reduce energy consumption in production, which can significantly improve the production capacity and production efficiency of the mineral beneficiation plant. 

For example, large-scale ball mills can significantly improve the grinding efficiency of the mills; frequency converters have good automatic control and protection functions, less maintenance work, and strong stability, which can effectively reduce power consumption and meet the requirements of energy-saving and consumption reduction.

5. Comprehensive Recovery of Ore

In order to maximize the utilization of each component in the ore, the useful minerals in the ore should be processed to the greatest extent possible by beneficiation methods into independent products for comprehensive recovery.

6. Cycling Use of Water

The mineral processing plant consumes a large amount of water, and its energy consumption for conveying water also accounts for a large proportion of the total unit cost of the processing plant. Saving water and reusing return water has obvious effects on energy saving and consumption reduction in the processing plant. 

The use of return water in the gravity and magnetic processing plant will not affect the beneficiation effect. Except for the washing water on the shaker and the high-pressure sealing water of the pump, which can use a small amount of new water, almost all of the rest can use return water. However, the flotation plant has certain requirements. The residual chemicals in the return water will have adverse effects on some operations.

7. Automatic Technology of Mineral Processing

The future trend of the mining industry is to combine the "expert system" with optimal and timely control to achieve timely adjustment of production parameters according to changes in the nature of the ore so that the mineral processing production is always maintained in an optimal state. The beneficiation automation can not only improve the processing capacity, but also reduce the consumption of chemicals and electricity, and the energy consumption can be reduced by about 10%.

To Wrap Up 

The above are 7 tips for energy saving and consumption reduction in the mineral processing plant. Technology, equipment, and process flow have a very significant impact on the quality and efficiency of mineral processing plants. Advanced energy-saving technology and energy-saving equipment can improve the quality of mineral processing and simplify the processing of mineral processing. If you have any questions during the design and construction of the mineral processing plant, you can consult Xinhai to provide you with the most optimal mine design scheme and energy-saving equipment. Welcome to leave a message for consultation.

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