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What Are Common Types of Crushers Used in the Mineral Processing?

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Crushers are one of necessary machines in mineral processing plant. Here are four commonly used crushers: 

  • jaw crusher

  • cone crusher

  • impact crusher

  • hammer crusher

Each type crusher has its own features. Which one is suitable for your ore? Let's get started.

1. Jaw Crusher

1) working principle of jaw crusher

A jaw crusher is comprised of two jaw plate. One is a fixed jaw plate that is vertically fixed on the antetheca of the body; the other is a moving jaw plate, forming a crushing cavity with fixed jaw plate. 

During the working of crusher machine, the moving jaw does periodic motion to the fixed jaw surround the eccentric shaft. When it closes, the materials are crushed by the action of squeezing and impact; on the contrary, the crushed materials are discharged by the gravity from the discharge opening.


2) features of jaw crusher

The crushing cavity of jaw crushers is deep without dead zone, so the feeding capacity and production of this crusher machine has been greatly increased, featured by large reduction ratio and uniform particle sizes. The jaw crushers have advantages of large production capacity, large ranges of feeding particle sizes, simple and compact structure, reliable operation, easy maintenance and low investments. While it also has disadvantages, such as large noise, large inertia force and small crushing cavity. 

So, the jaw crusher is mainly used for coarse crushing and intermediate crushing of hard blocky materials.

2. Cone Crusher

1) working principle of cone crusher

The eccentric shaft is driven to rotate by the motor, and the movable eccentric cone and the fixed cone make a swinging motion to achieve the purpose of crushing.

The swing route of cone crusher has important effects on the working performance. When the swing route increases, the feeding compression ratio is increased, the product quality is improved as well as the standard fineness. When the swing route decreases, the quality of crushed products is worsened and the fineness will decrease. 

2) features of cone crusher

Considering the quality, the swing route of this crusher machine should adopt maximum value. However, the final crushing and compaction should be avoided. 

So, the cone crushers are available for mid and fine crushing.


3. Impact Crusher

1) working principle of cone crusher

During the working of this crusher machine, the rotor rotates at high speed driven by the motor. Materials enter the hammer area to be impacted and crushed. Then, they are thrown to the impacting device to take another crushing. After that materials will spring back to hammer impacting area from impact wrist plate for crushing again. When the materials are crushed to the required size, they will be discharged from the outlet of this crusher machine. The discharging size and shape of material can be changed through adjusting the gap between impact frame and rotator of the crusher machine.

2) features of cone crusher

Cone crusher is an advanced hydraulic crusher with high power, large crushing ratio and high productivity. The scope of use is relatively wide, especially for ultra-fine broken hard rocks, ores, slag, etc. 


4. Hammer Crusher

1) working principle of hammer crusher

Hammer crusher is mainly composed of frame, rotor, screen strip and other components. The motor drives the rotor through the transmission belt, and the material is crushed by the impact force generated from the impact between the hammer head and the material itself.

2) features of hammer crusher

Hammer crushers are available for processing ores into -25mm. Hammer crusher is mainly used in industries such as cement, coal separation, electricity generation, building materials and compound fertilizer, etc.


hers are available for processing ores into -25mm. Hammer crusher is mainly used in industries such as cement, coal separation, electricity generation, building materials and compound fertilizer, etc.


The above we metioned is the four common crusher used in mineral processing plant. You need to choose the suitable one for you mine according to the capacity and crushing size of them. In addition, the requirements of ore properties and the area of the dressing plant should be considered.


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