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Cyanidation Machinery Used in the Gold Leaching

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At present, the cyanidation process is one of the most widely used process for the gold extraction, which needs different gold processing machines. Here are some common gold cyanidation machines you may interested in,such as the leaching agitation tank, desorption electrolysis system, zinc powder displacement device and washing thickener.

1. Leaching Agitation Tank

The leaching agitation tank is mechanical agitation machine used in cyanide leaching operation of gold mine. The working principle of leaching agitation tank is: with dual impellers rotating and agitating, ore pulps move downward and then diffuse along damping plate. Air is fed in tank from the lower end of shaft, and blended with ore pulps to form uniform suspending mixed liquid.

leaching agitation tank.jpg

The double impeller leaching agitation tank has the following advantages: reliable, easy to operate, easy to maintain, and strong applicability, which made it widely used in cyanidation .

In the actual beneficiation process, the slurry concentration will deeply affect the gold leaching rate. If the slurry concentration is too low, the slurry leaching time will be reduced; if the slurry concentration is too high, the requirements for the pump will be more stringent.

2. Desorption Electrolysis System

The desorption electrolysis system is used as the gold cyanidation machinery for extracting gold adsorbed in activated carbon,which usually works under high temperature and high-pressure conditions,including carbon lifting pump, carbon screen, desorption solution tank, desorption column and others. 

desorption electrolysis system.jpg

The desorption electrolysis system only requires sodium hydroxide as the desorption liquid and does not require sodium cyanide, which not only reduces the operating cost, but also meets the environmental protection requirements. In addition, the entire desorption process is basically carried out at the same temperature and pressure. The desorption liquid can directly enter the electrolytic cell without cooling, which greatly saves the consumption of heat energy, and the electricity consumption is only 1/2 -1/4 atmospheric pressure The process has truly achieved desorption without cyanide and low consumption.

During the operation of the system, the amount of liquid in the system will fluctuate to some extent due to the vaporization and pressure changes of the liquid in the system. Therefore, the technician has specially set up a liquid level buffer mechanism to automatically offset the liquid level change and maintain the normal operation of the system. In addition, because of the temperature control system, when the temperature reaches the set value, the system will automatically select the opening of the electric heater. When the system temperature is lower than the set temperature, the remaining electric heater will automatically maintain the system operating temperature. After setting the limit, the torn electric heater automatically enters the startup state to ensure that the system has been stable within the temperature range.

3. Zinc Powder Displacement Device

Zinc powder displacement device,a common gold cyanidation machinery, mainly includes deoxygenation tower, zinc powder feeder and displacement device.

zinc powder displacement device.jpg

Zinc powder displacement process includes three stages: purification of pregnant solution, deoxidation and displace mentfiltration. The suspended substance in the gold-bearing pregnant solution is removed by purification stage. The dissolved oxygen in the pregnant solution has an obstructive effect on the gold recovery by zinc displacement, so the oxygen in the pregnant solution must be removed to ensure the smooth progress of gold recovery. The displacement filtration stage includes zinc powder addition and displacement operation. The displacement reaction starts once the zinc powder is added into the pregnant solution. And the final displacement and filtration of gold mud are completed by the displacement device.

4. Washing Thickener

Washing thickener is a professional gold cyanidation equipment for solid-liquid separation and washing of pulp after cyanidation, which is divided into two layers and three layers. It has the advantages of small footprint, energy saving and simplified process flow. Continuous discharge can reduce multiple cycles of liquid gold and recover as soon as possible. At the same time, the time of the pulp in the thickener is reduced, and the leaching rate is improved. As an important gold mining machine, washing thickener has realized reverse washing, continuous operation, large volume and high washing efficiency. It occupies a small area, has a reasonable structure, and has low operation and maintenance costs.

washing thickener.jpg

The working principle of washing thickener is that: Pulp by feeding tube into the, free settling in the pulp of rake area by the pressure of scraper step into a concentrated, gradually by rake to pool center, by the row ore mouth by gravity into the next layer in the pool, water is entered into the most lower level for material washing distribution box, the bottom of spillway flow distribution box to enter the upper material for washing, the overflow of the first floor of the overflow dam discharge, after washing the bottom material is twice.


The above is the gold cyanideation machines used in leaching process. It is suggested that before the design of the concentrator, a factory with the qualification of the concentrator should be commissioned to carry out the concentrator test and choose the suitable cyanidation machines.

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