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4 Feeding Methods of Wet Ball Mill Machine

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Wet ball mill machine has been widely used because of its advantages such as strong production capacity, high grinding efficiency, low requirement for water content of ore, and less dust pollution. In recent years, it has received continuous attention from mining personnel. Well, do you know anything about wet ball mill machine? And do you know the feeding methods of wet ball mill machine? How to choose the feeding method of wet ball mill machine?


1. What Are the Feeding Methods of Wet Ball Mill Machine?

According to the type of feeder of wet ball mill machine, the main feeding methods include truncated conical funnel feeding, spiral feeding, ladle feeding and pipe feeding, among which the spiral feeding can be divided into spiral blade feeding and charging spiral feeding.

1.1 Truncated conical funnel feeding

The material is sent into the ball mill machine by the cast iron feeding valve, and then enters to the conical funnel from the valve. Because the funnel central angle is bigger, so it can ensure the adequate feeding, then feed hopper will be along the axis to the cylinder, and the steel ring, can rise to the corresponding protection, from erosion wear, and this kind of structure used in ball mill feed, the respect is designed in truncated cone, need to make the tilt Angle and the Angle of repose of the material has certain gap, only such ability can effectively complete material grinding.

1.2 Spiral feeding

After the material slides from the feeding funnel to the spoon wheel, the rotating spoon wheel lifts the material up, and then directly pours the wheel blade into the screw sleeve located in the hollow shaft. The inner screw blade sends the material to the cone ball mill machine. In order to avoid excessive heat transfer of the main bearing by hot materials and airflow, a certain gap is reserved between the hollow shaft and the spiral sleeve to form an air insulation layer.

(1) Spiral blade feeding

For the application of the ball mill machine, the material arrives at the charging nozzle from the inlet and runs with it. At the same time, the material in the charging nozzle also enters the separator under the action of the spiral blade, flows into the sleeve and then reaches the grinding body, thus completing the grinding of the material.

(2) Charging spiral feeding

This method is only used in some old ball mill machine, and the new type ball mill machine does not use it. At the same time, the hollow shaft of this kind of feeding structure is equipped with a fixed sleeve, and a separate transmission structure drives the bolt to run in the sleeve. The material enters the sleeve through the feeding port, and with the help of the bolt, enters the grinding body to finish grinding.

1.3 Ladle feeding

The feeding method of the spoon wheel is that the material is fed into the spoon wheel from the feeding end. The wheel blade of the spoon wheel will lift the material into the cone sleeve, and then the material will slip into the inside of the ball mill machine. This process requires that the difference between the inlet radius and the scoop wheel radius should be greater than the height of the material accumulation, and a seal should be placed in the annular clearance to prevent the material from leaking through the gap between the hopper and the scoop wheel.

1.4 Pipe feeding

The material enters the conical sleeve in the hollow shaft neck of the wet ball mill machine through the slip tube and slides into the ball mill by itself along the rotating drum wall. The section of slide tube is oval. The dip Angle of the pipe must be greater than the rest Angle of the material to ensure the smooth flow of the material. The feeding structure of the slip tube is simple, but it has the disadvantage of small feeding quantity.


2. How to Choose the Feeding Method of Wet Ball Mill Machine?

Here are four common feeding method of wet ball mill machine, then how to choose it? When we choose the feeding method of wet ball mill machine, we should consider a comprehensive number of factors, including structure and model of wet ball mill, the nature of material. The wrong choice is likely to affect the production rate and grinding efficiency of the wet ball mill machine.

Spiral feeding device is mandatory feeding, the feeding capacity is relatively large, but the structure is complex, the steel plate welding parts is easy to wear shortcomings, so it is suitable for the ball mill machine with large feeding and hollow shaft of small diameter, large length. The feeding structure of the slip tube is simple, but it has the disadvantage of small feeding quantity.


Here are the feeding methods of wet ball mill machine, and how to choose the feeding methods of wet ball mill machine. When the wet ball mill machine works, the inlet seal heads must be sealed tightly. Because the pulp liquidity is good, the untight seal may lead to slurry leakage and material leakage.

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