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How to Check and Maintain Flotation Cell?

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In this post, we are talking about how to check and maintaion flotation cell.

We are going to talk in 2 aspects.

  1. The daily check of flotation cell lubrication system

  2. Periodic maintenance of flotation cell

Let's dive in!

1.Daily Check of Flotation Cell Lubrication System

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The management of lubrication is necessary. Correct, reasonable and timely flotation machine lubrication work, can reduce the flotation machine wear, reduce the occurrence of faults, is to ensure the normal play of equipment prerequisite. It can not only improve the equipment utilization rate but also improve the comprehensive benefit of the enterprise.

Check content:

  1. During operation, check the bearing temperature of the motor, flotation machine, fan and so on, and add oil to each lubrication point regularly.

  2. Regularly add grease to scraper bearing and shaft sleeve.

  3. Check the amount of oil in the fan every day. If necessary, stop the fan to add oil. The lubricating oil of the fan is 220# gear oil.

The requirement of lubrication:

  1. The brand of lubricating oil must conform to the regulations. When using substitute oil, its performance shall not be lower than the technical performance of the prescribed grease, and the approval of the competent authority shall be required.

  2. The oil must be clear and use special container to be filled in. It should be stored in a cool and sealed place and the temperature should not exceed the storage temperature specified by lubricating oil.

  3. Before the weekly bearing oil injection, the nozzle must be cleaned to avoid the blockage of the oil injection hole. If it is blocked, it should be dealt with immediately. If not, it should be reported in time.

  4. Oil should be replaced at each lubrication point as required, and oil should be changed at stirring and scraping points every three months. The main bearing is required to be oiled once a month.

  5. Lubrication device must be complete and complete.

  6. When the fan runs for 1000 hours continuously, the lubricating oil must be changed once.

2. Periodic Maintenance of Flotation Cell

The preparation of flotation cell periodic maintenance includes:

  1. According to the spot check, check out the equipment problem and make the related plan.

  2. Implement spare parts, materials and personnel according to maintenance plan.

  3. The staff should clean the environment around the equipment and clean the slurry in and near the tank.

Checking period and range

Maintenance cycle (month)

Maintenance content

Minor repair


1. Check the wear of impeller and cover  plate;

2. Replace the scraper shaft and bearing  block;

3. Replace scraper and scraper small shaft;

4. Motor bearing oil change.

Medium repair


1. Replace the shaft bearing;

2. Replace shaft support;

3. Replace impeller cover plate.

Major overhaul


1. Replace foam tank and repair flotation  tank;

2. Replace pipes and valves.

Semi-annual maintenance plan

  1. All bearings of the flotation machine shall be checked by the operator and fitter every 6 months to confirm whether the bearings are in good condition and the sealing performance is good, and oil shall be changed once.

  2. Ask the staff to check the loss of impeller and stator every 6 months and record it.

  3. Check the tightness of the belt and the wear of the pulley every 6 months.

  4. Check the pipes and valves with leakage or not every 6 months. Tank and parts are in good condition or not.

  5. Check electrical wiring every 6 months, and clean electrical wiring to ensure no leakage, electrical sensitive and reliable.


In order to ensure the normal operation of the flotation machine in the flotation plant, and maintain the normal working efficiency of the flotation cell, daily maintenance, regular maintenance is essential. In addition, professional maintenance personnel are required to carry out the operation. Xinhai mining equipment is very considerate in terms of equipment maintenance. A special team is set up to provide unified training for the selection staff after the establishment of the selection plant to ensure the normal operation of the selection plant in the later stage.


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