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2 Questions about Flotation Method

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Flotation method is a complex mineral processing technology, so there are many questions often asked about it. The common questions includes: the dosage of flotation chemicals, air-inflation amount, the concentration of slurry and etc.. Here we only talk about two questions about flotation method: the concentrating and scavenging times, and the dealing with middlings.


1. How to determine concentrate and scavenging times in froth flotation method?

After we have determined the flotation method flow of ore, the next step is to determine the number of select and scavenging in the flow. The determination of culling and scavenging times depends on the grade of raw ore, the floatability of useful minerals and the quality of concentrate.

When the grade of raw ore is low, the flotability of useful minerals is good, and the quality of concentrate is required to be high, the concentration should be strengthened, that is, the time of concentration should be extended and the number of times of concentration should be increased.

When the grade of raw ore is high, the floatability of useful minerals is poor, and the quality of concentrate is not high, it is necessary to strengthen the scavenging, that is, lengthen the scavenging time and increase the scavenging times.

2. Treatment of middlings in flotation method?

The so-called middlings, is in the flotation method to obtain the need for further treatment of each of the cleaning operations and cleaning foam products. How to treat the medium ore depends on the content of the concomitant body, the floatability of the useful mineral and the quality of the concentrate.

There are 4 most commonly used treatment methods for middlings:

  • Return the middlings to an appropriate location at the front of the froth flotation cycle;

  • The ore is returned to the grinding grading cycle (the middlings consisting mainly of intersections)

  • Treat the mine separately; (the middlings consisting mainly of ore particles that are impregnated with complex, easily oxidized, and difficult to float)

  • Instead of flotation method, the ore is treated by other extraction methods. (mainly for fear of loss of a large amount of metal, metallurgical or chemical treatment of the middlings, or no treatment and sold as low-grade concentrate)


Flotation method as the current most commonly used and relatively complex chemical beneficiation process, it can be afected by every parameter, like the concentrating and scavenging times and the dealing with middlings that metioned above. So it is recommended that the plants owners find professional gold processing service providers with laboratory qualifications to do flotation test to find out the most suitable parameters. Finally, the overall benefits will be maximized through scientific processing solutions.


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