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3 Factors that Affect the Gold Recovery Rate When Separating the Quartz Vein Gold

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Gold recovery refers to the processes required to recovery gold from its ores. This may require a combination of comminutionmineral processinghydrometallurgical, and pyrometallurgical processes to be performed on the ore. Quartz vein gold is featured with the uneven disseminated extent, complex symbiosis among gold and pyrite and other minerals, causing some difficulties to the gold recovery.

When it comes to the gold recovery rate when separating the quartz vein gold , Flotation process is the main mineral processing method used for quartz type gold recovery. we can start it from 3 aspects according to the complex association and dissemination: adjust the flotation reagent system, improve the grinding process and improve the separation process.

flotation cell

1. Adjust the flotation reagent system 

For the flotation process, the use of flotation reagent directly affects the gold recovery, so it is necessary to adjust the flotation reagent system to increase the gold recovery rate.

The xanthate is often used as collector in the flotation of quartz vein gold deposits. Besides, aerofloat and ammonium dibutyl dithiophosphate can also be used as the collector. In the actual production, amyl xanthate can get relatively better recovery effect than other xanthate,and in a lot of concentrator, it is very hard to collect the gold by using a single collector, so combined collector is more widely used in the gold recovery. The combination collectors mainly include butyl xanthate and butylaerofloat, butyl xanthate and amyl flavine, butylflavine and butylated ammonium aerofloat, etc.

In addition to the adjustment of collectors, the adjustment of activators and inhibitors can also improve the gold recovery. The activator can improve the flotation rate and the floatability of ore, thus increasing the gold recovery. Activators used in flotation of quartz type gold deposit include copper sulfate, lead nitrate, lead sulfate, etc. In the selection of inhibitors, the main targets are toxic sand, carbonaceous,bauxite to eliminate the influence of these minerals on the flotation of gold ore, thus improving the gold recovery rate. The inhibitors commonly used in such gold deposits include water glass and lime.

Of course, in the practice of adjusting flotation reagent, the use of reagent is closely related to the ore properties,which should be tested first and adjusted reasonably according to the mineral processing test results.

2. Improve the grinding process 

Improving the grinding stage is one of the effective ways to improve gold recovery in quartz type gold deposit with uneven inlay. In the production practice, we can get the conclusion that in a certain range, the higher the grinding fineness, the higher the recovery.

However, due to the high production cost in the grinding stage, the production cost of directly grinding the fine ore may only increase slightly in the gold recovery, which cannot meet the economic expectation. Therefore, it is necessary to adopt the stage grinding method to improve the gold recovery rate according to the ore situation in the production.

3. Improve the separation process 

In addition to the above two ways,improving the processing process is also a way to improve the gold recovery rate of quartz type gold deposits. There are two ways to improve the separation process: First, improve the flotation process itself; Second, add other ore dressing methods based on the flotation process.

For the flotation process itself, adopting the closed-circuit flotation process can achieve a higher gold recovery rate than open-circuit flotation process. Based on flotation process, the combined process flow of gravity separation - flotation or flotation - cyanidation process can be formed to increase the gold recovery in the tailings.


We studied the about 3 factors that affect the gold recovery in quartz type gold. Although the compositions of quartz type gold mineral are similar, the component content and structure are not the same, which cannot be treated with the same mineral processing flow.  it is suggested that each mine owner should do the ore dressing test in advance.To make sure the smooth carrying out of gold extraction, all kinds of influencing factors must be considered comprehensively and effective measures should be taken to analyze, study and control them.

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