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4 Hazards of Gold Mine Tailings

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Gold mine tailings are wastes discharged from gold processing plant after the useful components are finely grinding from the large ore under certain technical conditions. that is, the part of the product of gold processing that has a low content of useful components and cannot be used for production. With the rapid development of gold extraction technology, the number, scale and production of gold mines are also increasing, the mining intensity is increasing, and the amount of gold tailings is also soaring. This article will introduce four types of gold mine tailings hazards.

Let's dive in!

1.  Occupying a Large Amount of Land

In recent years, the amount of gold mining is on the rise, and the amount of tailings produced is increasing, however, the utilization rate of comprehensive tailings recovery is relatively low, because no effective resource recovery and utilization measures are taken, the vast majority of tailings are stored in the form of simple piles. Due to the large amount of tailings piled up into the tailings pond covers a large area, occupying a large amount of agricultural and forest land, which makes the already tense land resources even more aggravated.

2.  Wasting Mineral Resources

Although the gold mining technology has been greatly improved, but the annual waste of useful minerals in the tailings is still considerable. Take China as an example, most of the gold mines in China have low ore grade, and are mostly co-occurring and associated components, with fine mineral embedded particle size, coupled with old and aging equipment, the recovery rate of gold is low, the content of gold extracted from Chinese gold mines is about 86.46%. In addition to gold, there are also a large number of valuable metals left in the tailings discharge, resulting in the waste of mineral resources.

3.  Security Risks

Gold mine tailings have a finer grain size and increased surface area through the beneficiation process, the pile is easy to flow and collapse leakage, resulting in damage to vegetation and injury accidents. There have been many dam-breaking accidents in the tailings reservoirs of large and small gold mines, which also caused casualties. Gold mining terrain is generally more precipitous. In flood seasons, the tailings leak and rainwater flows into farmland and rivers, causing damage to the groundwater and even causing mudslides to inundate farmland and villages.

4.  Harm to the Ecological Environment

Most gold mine tailings are stacked on the ground without treatment, which will cause serious harm to the surrounding ecological environment.

  • Gold mine tailings contain a large number of harmful chemicals and residual toxic dressing reagents, such as chlorides, cyanides, sulfides, flocculants, flotation agents, surfactants, which cause serious pollution to surface water and groundwater and great harm to downstream rivers and the environment in the long term.

  • Tailings in contact with the air in the sun's exposure and the role of weathering, some of the tailings decompose and produce harmful gases. The weathered powder particles enter the atmosphere, resulting in deterioration of air quality and haze.

  • On windy days, the tailings of gold mines will also produce dust, which contains toxic substances, which will cause farmland production reduction and production failures from time to time, and seriously endanger the living environment of the residents around the mine and the mine environment.

To Wrap Up

These are the four kinds of hazards of gold mine tailings. It is suggested that each mine owner can take effective ways to deal with the gold mine tailings accumulation problem according to the characteristics of different mines. So what ways can we take, we will introduce the gold mine tailings utilization measures in the next article.

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