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4 Types of Crushing Plant

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Xinhai's crushing plant in Russia

Mine production is inseparable from the support of crushing equipment. The crushing plant can greatly reduce the particle size of rock and effectively improve production efficiency.

The most widely used crushing plant is stationary, which is fixed in a certain place and cannot be moved after installation. With the continuous development of mining equipment technology in the new era, the crushing plant is gradually becoming mobile. The mobile crushing plant can combine the crushing machines and the corresponding carrying platform, and the carrying platform drives the crushing machines to move, so it does not need to be fixed on the field, and can be moved in various places to meet the operational needs of different places. Until now the types of crushing plant have become diverse, mainly in the following four categories:

  • Mobile crushing plant

  • Semi-mobile crushing plant

  • Semi-stationary crushing plant

  • Stationary crushing plant

Let’s drive in!

Mobile Crushing Plant

The mobile crushing plant integrates feeding, crushing and conveying into one, using crawlers or tires to form a mobile mechanism, which can be adjusted in the mine according to the operational needs. With mobile crushing plant, it does not require the support of dump trucks, saving truck operation costs, greatly reducing the procurement costs, transportation and spare parts costs are also fully reduced. Mobile crushing plant is a trinity structure, connected by belt machine, mostly used in open pit mine, suitable for large-scale mining.

Semi-mobile Crushing Plant

The semi-mobile crushing plant is installed on the surface mining platform, along with the deepening operation, the crawler type is used to transport ore. If it needs to be moved, traction equipment is used to separate the unit for transfer. There is no concrete connection between the semi-mobile crushing plant and the ground, and the migration time is relatively short. Semi-mobile crushing stations are mostly located in the working side of the stope, and only when the steps of the stope are extended to the proper climbing height of the car can they be moved.

The semi-mobile crushing plant does not require a large foundation, and can be flexibly arranged in various locations. The equipment is small in size and light in weight, easy to move, and the single move time is short, which can ensure continuous mining of the mine.

Semi-stationary Crushing Plant

Semi-stationary crushing station is a way of gradual transition from semi-mobile crushing station to fixed crushing plant, which has a fixed connection with the ground itself, and the crusher frame is connected to the ground in a stable way, and anchor piles and reinforced concrete can be used as the foundation. As far as deployment is concerned, it is mostly located in the fixed slope of the mine, which is less frequently moved and has a long service life. With semi- stationary crushing plant, it is necessary to ensure that the foundation is bolted and the equipment itself cannot be buried under the surface. The semi- stationary crushing plant has a strong foundation and is selected in favor of large size, which can serve for larger mines. However, this kind of crushing plant requires a fixed foundation, a long construction period, and a lot of energy and financial resources.

Stationary Crushing Plant

The stationary crushing plant itself is not affected by the advancement of the quarry benches, and there is a permanent and fixed foundation connection with the ground, which cannot be moved after completion. The feeding method of the stationary crushing plant is flexible, and it can be unloaded by vehicles or buffer bin.

The stationary crushing plant is generally located in the workshop of mineral processing plant and has a long service life. However, its shortcomings lie in its long transportation distance, high transportation costs, and small profit margins.

To Warp Up

The above four types of crushing plant are summarized by the practice of many processing plants. Which type are you interested in? Welcome to leave us a message. If you have any questions, please feel free to consult the online customer service.



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