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Problems and Solutions in Open Pit Iron Ore Mining

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Iron ore mining plant

With the increasing demand for iron ore, the number of open pit iron ore mines and mining rate are increasing, and there are more and more problems faced in the process of iron ore mining, which seriously affect the safe production of mines. This article takes a look at the problems and improvement measures in the open pit iron ore mining process.

#1 Problems in Open Pit Iron Ore Mining

1) Transportation Problems

In the mining process of open pit iron ore, transportation is an important process to complete the mining task, and the workload accounted for by transportation is relatively large in the mining process. Usually in the open pit iron ore mining production will use electric shovel excavator to load the ore. This kind of equipment is relatively large, and the driving density is relatively high during the mining process. In addition, the slope in the mining area is steep, and the load capacity is relatively large during the transportation of iron ore. Therefore,in the mine, drivers will have blind spots in their vision, which can easy to cause various mechanical injuries and various traffic accidents.

2) Blasting Problems

Open pit iron ore mining involves blasting work, which is very likely to lead to safety accidents due to the special nature of blasting work. The causes of blasting accidents can be divided into the following points: 

  • Firstly, iron ore mining blasting personnel lack safety awareness, so they often do not follow the safety operation procedures during blasting work; 

  • Secondly, blasting personnel lack professionalism, so there are phenomena such as stuck holes and disorderly holes during the safety operation; 

  • Thirdly, safety protection measures are not implemented for the buildings around the blasting, and thus the blasting process has a bad safety impact on the surrounding buildings; 

  • Finally, blasting operations are carried out in bad weather (e.g. high wind, heavy rain), which leads to blasting accidents.

3) Stope Slope Accidents

In general, the depth of mining in open pit iron ore mines is large, so that the final slope needs to be retained for a longer period of time, and once the parameters of the open pit slope are not selected properly, it will lead to landslides and mudflow disasters, which will bring greater damage to the mining work surface. At the same time, if the safety platform is not cleared in time, it can also lead to rocks falling down, which can bring great harm to people. In addition, if the necessary precautions are not taken when blasting at the edge of the mining area, it will not only damage the mining face and affect the transportation road, but also bury the workers and equipment, resulting in heavy casualties and property damage.

#2 Solutions to Improve Mining Production Safety in Open-Pit Iron Mines

1) Strengthen Research Work on Deposit Geology

In view of the landslides and safety hazards in iron ore mining, the research work on the geology of the deposit should be strengthened, and the geology can be further understood in depth with the help of advanced technology and so on. At the same time, in order to ensure a more comprehensive and specific study of the geology of the deposit, the advantages of network information technology should be used to further study the geology of the deposit to provide reliable data for future open pit iron ore mine collection and to reduce safety accidents.

2) Accelerate the Geological Stability of Deposit Production

To carry out geological stability research, a series of modern science and technology should be applied to the research work, using mathematical finite difference method and physical ultimate balance theory to improve the slope angle in the service stage of the iron ore deposit. Some technologies can be used to carry out research work, so as to monitor the slope rock of the open-pit iron ore from time to time and early warning in time. Such as generation of integrated electronic technology, steep-slope railway transportation technology, slope stability and major geological disaster identification and prediction technology, safety monitoring and prevention technology for open-pit transfer to underground mining, etc.

3) Implementation of Filling Mining Method

The use of this method can significantly improve the utilization rate of mineral resources, and the technical means to make full use of the abandoned rock, to avoid collapse and reduce the impact on the surrounding environment by means of infill mining. The method of infill mining is based on the technique of deep hole blasting of the rock in the reserved pillar and is widely used in the production of open pit iron ore mines.  

To Wrap Up

The above are the problems in open pit iron ore mining and measures to improve mining production safety. For mining production enterprises, it is necessary to choose a qualified mining company to design the iron ore mining process, which has a positive effect on improving the economic efficiency of mining enterprises as well as production quality.

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