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Common Problems and Solutions of Jig Machines

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Jig machine has the advantages of good separation effect, large processing capacity, wide separation particle size range, low investment, simple process system and so on, so it is widely used in gravity separation process. Jig machine is the important equipment in gravity separation process, and its operation is directly related to product quality and the economic benefits of the mineral processing plant. Therefore, it is very important to know more about the common problems and solutions of jig machines.

The following will introduce some common problems and solutions of jig machines.

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1. Loose or Broken of Screen Plate

During the operation, if the screen plate jumps with the pulsating water flow, it means that the screw of the screen plate is loose or dropped. If during the rising period of the water flow, a water column emerges from the bed like a spring, or during the falling period of the water flow, the water flow falls particularly quickly, and at the same time, the material in the lifting bucket increases significantly, it shows that the screen plate has broken.

Solution: If the screen plate screws loose or dropped, you should stop the machine immediately to clean the bed and tighten the screws. If the screen plate is broken, it is necessary to stop the machine to clean the bed and repair the screen plate holes.

2. Bed Emptying

The thickness of the bed is related to the nature of the materials being processed (density and particle size). In normal production, the bed must maintain a certain thickness and be stable. But sometimes due to the large opening of the gate or improper adjustment of the electrode of the automatic discharge device such as the pressure measuring tube, the discharge is too much, resulting in the phenomenon of bed emptying.

Solution: It should be dealt with in time when the bed emptying phenomenon occurs. Adjust gate opening and electrode to proper position, and readjust bed to make bed thickness suitable.

3. Problems with the Discharge System

During the discharging process, if the support bending plate of the discharging system is misaligned, the gap between the support bending plate and the hoisting pulley will be uneven, resulting in friction in the narrow part, and the overflow of material in the part with a large gap, so that the unsorted material is discharged directly.

Solution: During the daily maintenance, the hoisting pulley support device and the guide pulley should be adjusted in time to maintain the right working position of the hoisting pulley in the wheel track. If the failure occurs, the connecting bolts of the support bending plate should be tightened in time to repair the deformed support bending plate.

4. Different Air Valve Angles

The purpose of adjusting air volume and water volume is to keep the bed layer stable and in the working state conducive to separation. In actual operation, it sometimes occurs that in the same section of jig machine, the beating of the bed is uncoordinated and the gap is large.

Solution: The machine should be stopped immediately and the air valve angle should be checked. In order to improve the separation effect and processing capacity of jig machine, it must be noted that the cycle characteristics of the air valves of each compartment should be consistent in the same section during operation. Pay attention to check whether the rotation direction is correct, and the correct rotation direction can produce the correct cycle: intake-expansion-exhaust. The opposite direction of rotation will produce the wrong cycle, which seriously affects product quality and capacity of jig machine.

5. Solenoid Valve Failure

When the solenoid valve is clogged or the sealing ring is leaking, it is mostly caused by the failure of the air filter, the high-pressure wind with water or impurities, and not cleaning the solenoid valve during inspection. When the coil is disconnected or in poor contact, it will also cause the solenoid valve to have no sound absorption after energizing.

Solution: Clean the solenoid valve, replace the sealing ring and coil, and replace the air filter regularly.


The above are the common problems and solutions of jig machines in the work process. It is important to note that there are many causes of breakdown. When there is a problem with the jig machine, the operator should make a specific analysis based on the specific problem. At the same time, it is suggested that the mine owners look for equipment manufacturers with the overall qualification of mineral processing plant to purchase and maintain jig machines, so as to avoid the impact of mechanical failure on the overall operation of the mineral processing plant.

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