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Circular Vibrating Screen VS Linear Vibrating Screen: What Are the Differences?

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Vibrating screen is the screen equipment used to separate materials with different particle sizes. In mineral processing plant, it is commonly used for prescreening and check screening in crushing operation. In addition, it can also be used for auxiliary operations such as dewatering and de-sliming. Both circular vibrating screen and linear vibrating screen are common screening equipment in actual production. They are mainly different in the following eight aspects:

Circular Vibrating Screen VS Linear Vibrating Screen

1.Vibrating Screen Working Principle 

  • The materials on the circular vibrating screen do circular motion. The motor drives the eccentric block of the exciter to rotate at a high speed through a V-belt, which generates a large centrifugal inertial force and excites the screen box to produce a circular motion with a certain amplitude. The material on the screen is subjected to a continuous throwing motion by the impulse from the screen box on the inclined screen surface. Particles with particle size smaller than screen hole is sifted, so as to achieve classification.

  • The material on the linear vibrating screen moves linearly. The linear vibrating screen uses vibrating motor as the vibration source to make the material be thrown up on the screen and move forward in a straight line at the same time. The materials enter the feed inlet of the screening machine evenly from the feeder, and produce multiple sizes of oversize and undersize product through multiple layers of screens, which are discharged from their respective outlets.

circular vibrating screen

2. Vibrating Screen Exciter

  • Circular vibrating screen is also called single-axis vibrating screen because the vibration exciter consists of one shaft.

  • Linear vibrating screen is also called biaxial vibrating screen because the vibration exciter consists of 2 shaft.

3. Blocking Phenomenon

  • The material of circular vibrating screen moves in a parabolic circular motion on the screen surface, so that the material is dispersed as much as possible. Moreover, the material stuck on the screen is easier to eject, reducing the phenomenon of blocking.

  • The material of linear vibrating screen moves in a straight line forward, which is more likely to produce the phenomenon of blocking than circular vibrating screen.

4. Leaning Angle of Screen

  • Circular vibrating screen can change the leaning angle of screen by adjusting the height of spring support, thereby changing the movement speed of the material along the screen surface, and separating the materials of different particle sizes.

  • Generally speaking, the leaning angle of screen of linear vibrating screen is small, and the adjustable range is small.

linear vibrating screen

5. Vibrating Screen Material

  • Circular vibrating screens usually use thicker steel bearing, and the box body is made of manganese steel, which can resist the impact of materials during the screening process.

  • Linear vibrating screens are mainly made of light plates or stainless steel plates.

6. Vibrating Screen Applications

  • Circular vibrating screens are mainly used to screen materials with large specific gravity, large particle size and high hardness, and are widely used in mining, coal, quarrying and other industries.

  • Linear vibrating screens are mainly used for screening materials with small specific gravity, small particle size and low hardness, which are mainly dry powder, fine particle or micro powder materials. They are widely used in chemical engineering, building materials, pharmaceuticals and other industries.

7. Vibrating Screen Capacity

  • All the incoming materials of circular vibrating screen are automatically discharged, and there is no stock in the machine. And the upper end of the long axis of the ellipse at the feeding end towards the direction of discharging, which is helpful for the material to quickly spread out, thereby improving its processing capacity. For refractory materials, the circular vibrating screen can reverse the main shaft, so that the direction of vibration is opposite to the direction of material movement, and the speed of movement of the material along the screen surface decreases to improve the screening efficiency.

  • Generally, the maximum processing capacity of circular vibrating screen is larger than that of linear vibrating screen.

8. Environmental Performance

  • Linear vibrating screen can be fully enclosed without dust emission, which is more conducive to environmental protection.

  • While circular vibrating screen cannot be fully enclosed.


The above are the 8 differences between circular vibrating screen and linear vibrating screen. Each type of vibrating screen has its advantages and disadvantages. In actual production, many factors such as nature of material, processing capacity and environmental protection requirements should be taken into consideration. It is best to find the professional manufacturer for consultation and choose the vibrating screen that truly meets the production requirements.

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