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How to do the Ball Mill Repair and Maintenance Work?

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During the use of ball mill in mineral processing plant, problems such as wear, loose connections, oil deterioration, and metal structure corrosion will inevitably occur between each link, resulting in varying degrees of degradation in the technical, economic and safety performance of the ball mill. Therefore, in order to prevent and eliminate the hidden dangers of the ball mill, and to ensure that the ball mill is in good operating condition for a long time, it is necessary to carry out regular repair and maintenance of ball mill.

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1. Ball Mill Daily Inspection

It is required that the staff on duty should be familiar with the structural performance, safe operation specifications and maintenance skills of the ball mill, and check and record the ball mill according to the time and items specified by the spot inspection standard and the spot inspection card. Equipment maintenance within the specified scope should be completed in time, and problems outside the scope should be reported in time.

The inspection contents are as follows:

  • Check oil level, oil pressure, oil quantity, oil temperature and other parameters of main bearing lubricating oil station, motor lubricating part and gear lubricating injection system, and confirm whether they are normal.

  • Check whether there is any leakage at the bolt connection of the ball mill barrel and the end cover lining plate. If there is any leakage, it should be stopped in time.

  • Check the main bearing, main motor and pinion shaft group for abnormal vibration and noise, and ensure that the temperature of each bearing does not exceed 60°C.

  • Under the premise of a safe condition, check whether the bolts between each connection are loose or abnormal, and whether the gasket and liner are seriously worn. Generally ball mill liner wear degree should not exceed 70%.

  • Check whether the air compressor runs normally, whether the motor voltage and current are normal, whether the motor is overheated, whether the air supply pipeline leaks, etc.

  • Check the wear condition of the steel ball used in the ball mill and monitor it in real time to ensure that they can be replaced in time in case of serious wear.

  • Check the sanitary condition of the equipment. Except for the running part, all other parts of the ball mill should be kept clean at all times.

2. Ball Mill Lubrication System Inspection

The lubrication system of ball mill is mainly composed of oil pump, oil tank, oil pipe, filter, cooler, oil pressure regulating valve and indicating instrument device, etc. The lubricating oil used in each lubrication point is different, and the oil filtration and oil change time of each lubrication point are also different.

The inspection contents are as follows:

  • Keep an eye on the oil pressure gauge. The normal oil pressure is generally maintained at 0.15-0.4mpa. If the oil pressure difference before and after the filter cooler exceeds 0.15MPa, the filter should be cleaned in time.

  • Check oil temperature. Generally, the oil return temperature is not allowed to exceed 45°C. It is recommended to install a temperature scale or temperature detector, which can directly measure the oil temperature, which is convenient for recording and maintenance.

  • Check oil mass and cleanliness. The oil mass and cleanliness can be checked through the oil flow indicator, the observation hole on the hollow journal bush cover, and the oil level indicator in the oil tank.

  • Check the oil pump, oil circuit and the sealing parts of each lubrication point for oil leakage, sand entry and water inflow.

3. Ball Mill Daily Cleaning

The daily cleaning of the ball mill is mainly to prevent the ball mill body from corroding, rusting, even clogging, and abrasion caused by impurities, which will affect the daily production of the ball mill. Therefore, it is necessary to maintain the "daily hygiene" of the ball mill at all times. Ensure that there is no dust accumulation in the operation room or computer room. Parts, materials and tools should be stored neatly.

The inspection contents are as follows:

  • Staff need to clean in shifts and clean thoroughly once a week.

  • All platforms should be cleaned in time to avoid dust accumulation

To Wrap Up

The above are some aspects that should be done in ball mill daily maintenance. In order to ensure the normal operation of the ball mill and maintain its working efficiency, the daily repair and maintenance of the ball mill are essential.

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