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Common Problems and Solutions of Slurry Pump

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Slurry pump has the advantages of reasonable structure, high efficiency, light weight, reliable operation, long service life, low noise and convenient installation and maintenance. Because of its good overall performance, it is widely used in metallurgy, power, coal and other industries to transport slurry containing solid particles. 

During the operation of the slurry pump, you may encounter some problems, such as: slurry pump is not running, the flow of the slurry pump is insufficient, the packing place is leaked, slurry pump is vibrating and noisy, the bearing is heating up and the bearing life is short. The causes and solutions of these problems will be described in detail below.

slurry pump

Problem #1: Slurry pump is not running


The solid sediment in the volute is blocked


Remove the blockage

Problem #2: The flow of the slurry pump is insufficient


  1. Impellers or inlet and outlet pipeline are blocked

  2. Impeller is seriously worn

  3. There's a leak in the packing hole

  4. The conveying height is too high and the loss resistance inside the pipe is too large


  1. Clean impeller or pipeline

  2. Replace the impeller in time

  3. Compress packing

  4. Reduce conveying height or reduce resistance

Problem #3: The packing place is leaked


  1. The axis of the shaft and the stuffing box are different, the main reason is that the installation is incorrect

  2. The sealing water ring is badly worn

  3. The sealing water pipe is blocked, and the sealing water cannot enter the middle of the packing, causing the packing to wear fast, resulting in leakage


  1. Pay attention to check whether the installation is correct after installation

  2. Replace with a new sealing water ring

  3. Dredge blocked pipes and keep sealed water clean

slurry pump

Problem #4: Slurry pump is vibrating and noisy


  1. The media density is uneven. The uneven medium density causes the pump to vibrate when it is started. And when the pump is turned on normally, the vibration of the pump will disappear

  2. The pump is not installed horizontally

  3. The impeller of the pump is unbalanced because of cavitation

  4. The intake of suction pipe is uneven

  5. Pump bearing clearance is large


  1. This situation does not need to be dealt with, just pay attention to blow the medium evenly with high pressure wind before starting

  2. Check the horizon of the pump body during installation and operation

  3. Lower the installation height, turn down the outlet valve, and reduce the inlet resistance

  4. Improve the feed condition of the pump, strengthen the uniform stability of air intake

  5. Excessive bearing clearance will cause large vibration of the pump. In the daily equipment operation, operator should always observe the condition of the pump. If the pump shaft and the motor shaft are not concentric or the bearings are damaged, they should be dealt with in time

Problem #5: The bearing is heating up


  1. The cold water is not turned on or the cooling water tank is clogged

  2. Slurry pump is not well lubricated

  3. The lubricating oil is not clean and there are impurities in the oil

  4. The thrust bearing is in the wrong direction

  5. The air outlet of the bearing is blocked, so that the hot air in the bearing box cannot be discharged, causing the slurry pump to heat up


  1. Turn on the cooling water or dredge cooling channel

  2. Adjust the amount of lubricant according to the instructions

  3. Clean the bearings and replace the lubricating oil

  4. Adjust the thrust bearing direction according to the inlet pressure

  5. Clean the air outlet

Problem #6: The bearing life is short


  1. Motor shaft is not symmetrical or parallel to pump shaft

  2. The bearing assembly is not reasonable

  3. There is friction in the slurry pump or the impeller is out of balance

  4. There are impurities in the bearings


  1. Adjust the motor shaft or pump shaft, and replace the shaft directly if the shaft is deformed or bent

  2. Reassemble the bearing and shaft, or replace the bearing

  3. Eliminate friction or replace with new impeller

  4. Remove the bearing and clean it before use


The above are the 6 common problems of the slurry pump in actual production, their possible causes and corresponding solutions. The quality of the repair and maintenance of the slurry pump directly affects the efficiency of the mineral processing plant. In daily operation, it is necessary to analyze concretely according to actual problems. You can also consult the professional slurry pump manufacturer to maximize the efficiency of the slurry pump.

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