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Causes and Solutions of Ball Mill Noise

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Ball mill is a piece of important grinding equipment, which is widely used in mineral processing, building materials, and the chemical industry. It can be used for dry or wet grinding of various ores and grindable materials. However, the noise generated by ball mills in the production process is extremely loud and can easily damage the health of workers who operate the grinding equipment for a long time. This article will introduce the causes for the noise of the ball mill, and propose the conventional solution for the noise of the ball mill.

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Causes of Ball Mill Noise

Ball mill noise is mainly generated in the grinding process. Exploring the main causes of noise generation is a prerequisite for solving the noise problem. 

When the ball mill is running, the cylinder starts to rotate under the drive of the motor, and the steel ball in the cylinder is thrown up. After being thrown to a certain height, the steel ball makes a free-fall motion and collides with the material many times, and finally grinds the material into powder. In the grinding process, the steel balls and materials collide with each other, producing direct sound inside the cylinder. At the same time, a large number of steel balls and materials collide with the liner in the cylinder, and the vibration of the liner will generate noise. The impact of the steel ball and the material on the liner is the main source of the force that causes the cylinder to vibrate. Although the duration of this force source is very short, about 0.1 to 0.2 milliseconds, it is impactful and has a wide frequency range.

Solutions of Ball Mill Noise Reduction

Ball mill operators are exposed to a noisy working environment for a long time, which seriously endangers their health. Therefore, it is very important to use various control techniques to reduce the noise of the ball mill, and the following are several common solutions to deal with noise.

1. Adding Soundproof Cover

Adding sound insulation cover is a more common method to solve the noise of the ball mill, which will cover the whole cylinder of the ball mill with a multi-layer cover, leaving an air layer outside the shell, and then adding a perforated steel plate. the outside will be wrapped with glass wool, damping layer, and other sound-absorbing materials, and finally, install the fixed cover shell. Because the shell is mostly metal, lined with sound-absorbing materials, so the treatment has a better effect of reducing noise, the general noise reduction can reach 15 ~ 20dB.

2. Setting Up the Elastic Layer

The rubber material is correctly filled between the cylinder shell and the liner, thus forming a rubber cushion. This method can effectively increase the elasticity of the contact between the liner and the cylinder, eliminate the rigidity of the contact surface, and effectively reduce the vibration of the cylinder and the liner during equipment operation. The noise reduction effect is obvious, and the noise can be reduced by more than 15dB.

3. Replacing Manganese Steel Liner With Rubber Liner

It is crucial to choose the liner material with a suitable hardness and impact toughness.

In the operation of the ball mill, the steel balls fall in the cylinder in a waterfall-like trajectory, which will have an impact on the materials and liner plate. The work of the impact force has a great relationship with the diameter of the steel ball and the diameter of the mill cylinder. If the liner material is of poor quality and unevenness, there will be a mismatch between the liner and the liner, the liner, and the cylinder wall, which directly affects the normal operation of the ball mill.

The rubber liner instead of manganese steel can prevent the noise generated during the operation of the ball mill to the maximum extent. In addition, the rubber liner is easy to install and has a good damping effect. The steel ball impacting the rubber liner can increase the impact duration, and the rubber liner plays a buffering role, which should have a good noise reduction effect and can reach 20dB noise reduction.

To Wrap Up

The above are the causes and solutions of ball mill noise. If you are troubled by the noise of the ball mill, you can refer to the above aspects, or leave a message or consult online customer service, we will reply to you asap.

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