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What is Ball Mill?

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Ball mill is a kind of grinding mill used in the mineral processing, which is to further grinding the material fitness to the appropriate particle size that meets the industrial requirement after the crushing process. At present, the ball mill machine is widely used in mine, cement, silicate products, building materials and other fields.

1. Structure of ball mill

From the structure form, the ball mill machine can be divided into horizontal type ball mill and vertical type ball mill. The horizontal ball mill is used more and more widely with its simple structure. In brief, the ball mill machine mainly consists of rack and barrel. In particular, the structure of the ball mill machine includes the feed end, discharging end, rotary part, transmission part (including reducer, gear motor, electric control, etc.). The cylinder is equipped with the bearing (used to help the cylinder rotation), drivers, grinding media in the cylinder (the steel ball) and ball mill liner.

2. Application of ball mill

According to the different application fields, the common ball mill on the market at present includes mineral processing ball mill, cone ball mill, ceramic ball mill, cement ball mill, laboratory ball mill, and some ball mill machines used in chemical industry, power plant, building materials.

3. Grinding medium and ball mill liner of ball mill

The grinding medium of the ball mill machine mainly includes steel ball, alumina ball, zirconia ball, etc., which can be divided into large, medium and small steel balls. The steel ball is distributed in a proportion according to the material property. The ball mill liner is made of many kinds of material, including high manganese steel, chromium steel, hard steel, alloy steel, round square lining board, rubber lining board and magnetic lining board, etc. At present, the rubber lining board is widely used as the ball mill liner, which can improve the grinding efficiency of the ball mill machine and protect the inner side of the barrel.

4. Types of ball mill

The ball mill can be divided into grid type ball mill and overflow type ball mill according to the different discharging mode. The grid type ball mill is installed with a grid in the drainage end, forced discharging can effectively avoid the occurrence of over grinding phenomenon. The overflow type ball mill is more suitable for the second stage grinding or the grinding with higher fineness requirements, which can grind the mineral more fine. 

According to different grinding methods, the ball mill can be divided into dry ball mill and wet ball mill. The dry ball mill is mainly used for grinding powder without adding water, which needs to work with wind grading system. The wet ball mill needs to add water with the use of hydraulic grading system. The wet ball mill has a wider application, which can be used to grind all kinds of metal ore, non-metal ore.


5. Introduction of similar grinding mill

The ball mill belongs to the category of grinding mill. In addition to the ball mill, the grinding mill also includes rod mill, autogenous mill, pebble mill, etc. All of them have the same working principle: The rotation of the cylinder makes the materials and grinding medium collide and frict in the cylinder body, thus grinding the material to the fine size. And the main difference among them lies in the grinding medium. The grinding medium of the ball mill machine is steel ball (or alumina ball, zirconia ball, etc.), the grinding medium of the rod mill is steel rod, and the autogenous mill doesn't need the grinding medium, it achieves the grinding effect through the collision of the material itself, and the gravel mill achieves the grinding through the gravel to the material.


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Ball Mill

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