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3 Factors You Must Know That Affect Magnetic Separator Performance

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In this post, we're going to talk about 3 factors that affect the magnetic separator performance, and it must can help you know more about this machine.

1. Pulp concentration

2. Ore particle size

3. Water spout from high pressure flushing pipe

1. Effect of pulp concentration on magnetic separator

The size of pulp concentration of magnetic separator refers to the size of overflow concentration of classifier.

  • Generally, if the pulp concentration is too large, the concentration of concentrate will be too high, and the concentrate particles are easily covered or wrapped by the fine gangue mineral, which cannot be separated, thus seriously affecting the quality of concentrate. 

  • If the pulp concentration is too small, not only the concentration of separation is too low, but also increase the flow rate, shorten the separation time, will have a chance to pick up some small magnetic particles fall into the tailings, so reduce the recovery rate.

In general, the concentration of pulp given by magnetic separator should not exceed 35%, and it is recommended to control at about 30%. The adjustment of pulp concentration needs to be determined according to the specific situation.

2. Effect of ore particle size on magnetic separator

The size of ore feed size of magnetic separator is an important factor that affects the magnetic separation effect of magnetic separator. If the ore particle size is larger or coarser, it indicates that the monomer of the mineral is not sufficiently dissociated, some gangue stones will still be combined with magnetic particles, and gangue stones with magnetic minerals will also be selected, thus reducing the concentrate grade.

In order to improve the magnetic concentrate, during classifying, the incoming material must fully reach the state of monomer dissociation. For some coarse grained ores, as long as the monomer dissociation is achieved, the coarse granularity will not affect the separation.

3. Effect of water spout from high pressure flushing pipe on magnetic separator

High pressure rinse water is used to unload the ore, it needs to be removed all the selected minerals, but the water spray Angle is not mastered or pressure control is not good, will also affect the magnetic separator magnetic separation effect.

1) Spray flush pipe Angle

If the Angle of water jet flushing pipe is too low, not only the ore unloading is incomplete, but also the selected magnetic minerals will be washed down, resulting in re-separation, thus affecting the magnetic separation efficiency and extending the separation time; If the Angle of water jet flushing pipe is too high, it will also lead to incomplete unloading of ore and affect the quality. In addition, high Angle flushing will also cause splashing, affect sanitation and waste water resources.

The water hose Angle can be adjusted slowly by observing the pipe clamp until the water hose effect is qualified.

2) Spray flush water pressure

Generally, the pressure of blowing water for ore separation by magnetic separator should not be lower than 0.1mpa. If it is lower than this pressure, it will not be enough to overcome the attraction of magnetic field to the selected particles, so that a considerable part of the magnetic particles still cannot be discharged into the concentrate box along with the circular rotation of the cylinder.


The above content from the magnetic separator's own conditions, pulp concentration size, ore particle size, high pressure water flushing pipe and other aspects of the impact of magnetic separation analysis, and put forward the corresponding solutions. In practical application, magnetic separators affect the efficiency of far more than these, so in order to ensure the efficiency of magnetic separation, we need to improve the monitoring and control of the above problems.

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