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Routine Maintenance of Magnetic Separator?

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Magnetic separator is the necessary equipment for the separation of magnetic minerals. During the magnetic separation process, the ferromagnetic materials in the candidate area are suck by a magnetic system to surface of the magnetic drum. As rotating with the drum out of the magnetic area, they will be recovered into magnetic concentrate under the impact of gravity and washing water.

The recovery rate of magnetic separator is inseparable from the stability and safety of the equipment,it is necessary to ensure the stable and safe production of magnetic separator.The routine inspection is a must-have thing, including daily inspection,regular maintenance, lubrication system inspection, and daily cleaning operations.

Daily Inspection

  •  Check the bolt fasteners of magnetic separator on a daily basis to see if there's rusting.

  •  Check the temperature of bearings,reducer and motor to ensure the temperature of each part is within a rational range(bearing temperature is not higher than 40 °C, motor and reducer temperature is not higher than 85 °C); ensure bearing lubrication.

  • Check if the magnetic separator has a strange sound. If there is any abnormal sound, determine the problem source and handle it in time.

  • Check the wear of stainless steel barrel. If it is serious, stop running and replace it.

  • Check the lubrication degree of magnetic separator chain to ensure that there is no falling and no slippage phenomenon,and the end faces of the sprocket are on the same plane.

  • Check the vibration of reducer and see if there is any oil leakage.

  •  Check the water pressure of the bottom flushing water pipe not less than 0.12 Mp, to ensure there is no impurity inside the pipe to prevent blockage.

  • Check whether the components of magnetic separator are normal. Pay special attention to the rotating gears.During the operation of equipment, if there is abnormal impact sound, stop and repair immediately.

  • Check the distribution box for impurities and check the wear of distribution box.

  • Check whether the wear-resistant materials of each slurry distribution box are worn out.

  • Determine the position and angle of magnetic pole every day, and the moment of change must be adjusted in time to ensure the recovery rate of magnetite.

  • Check the liquid level in magnetic separator. It should be stable and has a small amount of overflow.

  • Daily observation of feed amount and feed concentration, magnetic induction intensity, sector magnet angle, main selection area, sweeping area, dewatering area and corresponding working gaps,ensure that it is within the normal requirements.

Regular Maintenance

  • Wipe the magnetic separator body regularly to clean the residue and dust on the conveyor belt to ensure the equipment is clean enough to provide a good operating environment.

  • Check whether the rotating gear is impacted. If there is impact sound, stop it immediately.

  •  Regularly check the edge of magnetic separator main unit. If there is damage, it needs to be replaced in time.

  • Check any debris on the plane of the chassis.Its main purpose is to ensure the movable bearing is stable on the chassis.

  • Check the line regularly and the terminal is secure to avoid burning or leakage of the motor.


  • Generally, the newly installed magnetic separator is easy to loosen and needs uninterrupted inspection and timely replacement.

  • When inspecting the fuselage, it is forbidden to hit the hammer or hit the magnetic system with heavy objects to avoid the magnetic block falling off and affect the normal operation of the magnetic separator.

Maintenance Cycle

Inspection Type

Maintenance Cycle (months)

Repair Content

Maintenance Period (days)

Minor repair


Bearing cleaning, refueling or oil  change;

Gear check or more;

Reducer cleaning and adjustment;

Check and repair parts such as mine  buckets and funnels;

Inspection of electrical equipment and  sporadic modifications.


Medium repair


minor repairs content ;

More ring bottom box and cylinder;

Restore magnetic field strength or repair  magnetic system;

More ring main bearings, reducers and  gears;

Covering and repairing of the reducer,  replacement of parts;

Motor disassembly repair and replacement.




Contains the contents of the repair;

Foundation finishing

Replacement of the base;

Renovation and replacement of electrical  lines;

Renovation and replacement of electronic  control equipment;

The whole machine is painted.


Lubrication System Inspection

  • When the magnetic separator is used,the oil level of reducer should be added to the oil level line. After the normal production period, the oil level of the reducer can be checked regularly. When the oil level is lower than the requirement, No. 20 or 30 Mechanic oil can be added in time.

  • The selected lubricating grease must meet the specified grade. When using alternative oil, the performance should not be lower than the grease technical performance.

  • Keep the grease clean, use a professional container to install oil, avoid open storage, and the storage temperature should not exceed the specified storage temperature of lubricant.

  • Before filling the oil, the nozzle should be cleaned and the weak oil hole should be blocked.

Lubrication Requirements for Each Part

Lubricating part

Lubrication points

Lubrication method

Oil brand


Swivel main bearing



00 reducer grease


Size gear



00 reducer grease




Oil bath

VG 220


Pulsating stroke box


Oil bath

70# gear oil


Sprocket, hain



2# lithium base grease


Daily Cleaning

  • It is necessary to ensure that the magnetic separator is clean and hygienic. There is no ash in the operation room or machine room. The scattered parts, materials and tools should be stored neatly, and the oil spills should be disposed and cleaned.

  • It is necessary to clean every shift site and clean it once a week.


Magnetic separator routine maintenance requires full-time staff who knows the structure, performance, working principle and common sense of magnetic separator maintenance. In order to ensure that the on-the-job personnel can handle emergency problems in time, Xinhai Mining Company participates in the overall service of each selected factory, and the requirements for on-the-job maintenance personnel are extremely strict. Xinhai Mining Company will arrange professional experts to conduct uniform training for the selected employees to ensure the factory is under normal operation.

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