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4 Flotation Machine Maintenance and Overhaul Processes

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flotation machines in mineral processing plant

In this post, we're going to talk about the maintenance of flotation machine.

We would cover these 4 parts:

  1. Routine maintenance

  2. Daily Cleaning

  3. Lubrication system inspection 

  4. Regulat maintenance

Let's dive right in!

Flotation machine belongs to the 24 hour-non-stop working state throughout the year, with a wide applications and high power. In daily work, if under bad conditions or improper operation, it will cause wear and tear, and problems will not only affect work efficiency, but also increase the running cost. Therefore, before the fact that the various aspects of the flotation machine make a bad effect on work efficiency, it is very important to carry out flotation machine maintenance and overhaul to eliminate safety hazards.

Flotation machine maintenance requires a full-time staff to carry out daily inspections, daily cleaning, lubricant inspection, regular maintenance, etc., in order to ensure the stable and continuous operation of the flotation machine.

1. Flotation Machine Routine Maintenance

It is required that the on-the-job personnel must understand the structural performance of the flotation machine and the functions, specifications and names of the various components, and be familiar with the condition of the equipment in order to implement the maintenance and overhaul procedures.

Overhaul content:

Check whether the bolts between the parts are loose or abnormal, the tension of the V-belt, whether the belt safety cover is complete and firm, and whether the scraper parts are good. If problems are found, the on-duty personnel should handle them in time.

Check if the motor is overheated, if the motor bearing temperature exceeds the standard value, and if the scraper bearing temperature rises above 25 °C.

Check the gap between the stator and rotor of the flotation machine, and whether the main bearing, transmission tape and rotor fixture are abnormal.

Check the flotation machine impeller. When the impeller wear diameter exceeds 10%, or there are holes or cracks, it needs to be replaced in time.

Check whether the scraping rate of the scraping mechanism is degraded. When the scraping mechanism vibrates or oscillates, it is necessary to check the transmission bearing for cracks and whether the couplings are disengaged.

Check the flotation machine's inspiratory volume.

Check the lubrication points and check if the lubrication points are sufficient.

Check if the discharge valve and the cabinet are straight and the tank is leaking.

Check the inlet and outlet pressures of the blower, changes in bearing temperature and motor current, and observe the vibration and noise of the fan.

2. Flotation Machine Daily Cleaning

The daily cleaning of the flotation machine is one of the main measures to determine the working capacity, working period and normal operation of the flotation machine.

The daily cleaning of the flotation machine is one of the main measures to determine the working capacity, working period and normal operation of the flotation machine.

Flotation equipment must be kept clean,no dust in the operation room or machine room, and the parts, materials and tools are neatly stored. Oil spills are cleaned in time.

Flotation equipment must be cleaned and cleaned once a week.

All platforms should be cleaned in time and there must be no accumulation of dust.

3. Flotation Machine Lubrication System Inspection

Lubrication management is an important part of flotation machine equipment. Correct, reasonable and timely lubrication offlotation machine can reduce the wear of flotation machine and reduce the occurrence of faults. It is a prerequisite for ensuring the normal operation of equipment. Correct, reasonable and timely lubrication of flotation machine cannot only improve the usage rate of equipment, but also can improve the overall benefits of the company.

Check content:

During operation, pay attention to check the bearing temperature of the motor, flotation machine, fan, etc., and regularly add oil to each lubrication point.

Regularly add grease to the scraper bearings and bushings.

Check the oil volume of the fan every day.If necessary, stop the fan and add the fan oil to 220# gear oil.

Lubrication Requirements:

The grade of the lubricating oil must comply with the regulations. When the substitute oil is used, its performance is not lower than the technical performance of the specified grease, and it must be approved by the competent authority.

The grease should be kept clean. It should be stored in a special container and stored in a cool sealed storage. The temperature at the storage location should not exceed the storage temperature specified by the lubricant.

Before the bearing is filled with oil, the nozzle must be cleaned to avoid blockage of the oil hole. If it is blocked, it should be disposed of immediately. If it cannot be handled, it should be reported in time.

Each lubrication point should be replaced with oil as required, and the agitation and scraping parts should be changed every three months; the main bearing requires oil filling once a month.

The lubrication device must be complete.

When the fan is running for 1000 hours, the oil must be replaced once.

4. Flotation Machine Regular Maintenance

Preparation before maintenance:

Before the overhaul, check the equipment problem according to the inspection, and make relevant plans.

Implement spare parts, materials and personnel according to the maintenance plan.

The staff of the post needs to clean the environment around the equipment and flush the slurry in the tank and next to the tank.

Maintenance cycle and scope:

Maintenance cycle (months)

Overhaul content

Minor repair


Check the wear of the impeller and the  cover of the flotation machine;

Replace the scraper shaft and bearing  housing;

Replace the scraper and the small shaft  of the scraper;

Motor bearing oil change.

Medium repair


Replace the vertical shaft bearing;

Replace the shaft bracket;

Replace the flotation machine impeller  cover.



Replace the foam tank and repair the  flotation tank;

Replace the line gates, etc.

Half-year maintenance plan:

It is necessary to carry out all bearing inspections on the flotation machine every 6 months by the operator and the fitter to confirm whether the bearing is in good condition and the sealing performance is good, and change the oil once.

Every six months, the staff is required to check the loss of the impeller and stator and record it.

Check the belt tightness and pulley wear every 6 months.

Every 6 months, check whether there is water leakage in each pipeline and gate, and whether the tank and each component are in good condition.

Every 6 months, the electrical circuit is inspected, and the electrical circuit is cleaned up to ensure that there is no leakage and the electrical appliance is sensitive and reliable.


In order to ensure the normal operation of the flotation machine in the concentrator and maintain the normal working efficiency of the flotation machine, routine maintenance and regular maintenance are essential. And it needs to be equipped with professional maintenance personnel to carry out the work.


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