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4 Common Problems and Solutions Met in the Flotation Cell Installation and Commissioning

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In this post, we are talking about flotation cell.

We are going to cover 4 common problems and solution about flotation cell in the installation.

  • Agitation mechanism failure & Solution

  • Scraper mechanism failure & Solution

  • Cell body failure & Solution

  • Gate failure & Solution

Let's dive in!

Flotation cells is common equipment used in froth flotation process. There are many types of flotation cells. But the flotation cell that most widely used in the flotation plant is the mechanical agitation flotation cell. It has complex structure, which often has the effect on the later work efficiency that caused the installation and debugging fails to meet the standard. So it is very strict to the installation and commissioning of flotation cell.

Flotation cell used in the flotation plant

What problems of flotation cell will occur during the installation and commissioning process, and how can we solve them?

1. Agitation mechanism failure & Solution

As the core part of flotation cell, agitation mechanism is directly related to the function of flotation cell. After some parts of the flotation machine are replaced, sometimes the agitation mechanism is not flexible, even cannot run, or there are some problems of motor bearing (too high temperature, abnormal vibration, noise). These problems are usually interrelated and can lead to motor burn, bearing damage and other consequences if not addressed in a timely manner.

During the first installation of the flotation cell, the foreign bodies in the tank should be removed first. Verify the large pulley by hand to ensure its flexibility and belt tension. After checking whether the belt is rotating in the right direction (overlook clockwise) and whether there are any scratches, then starting the flotation cell officially. If the above problems occur during the operation of the flotation machine, removing the belt and turning off the agitation part for respectively checking.

2. Scraper mechanism failure Solution

The scraper mechanism of flotation machine is located on the two sides above the cell body. And it scraps the concentrate foam of the upper pulp by the rotating, which is a main functional unit of flotation cell. In the process of installation and operation, there are some failures of scraper mechanism often occur. For example, the shaft of scraper mechanism rotates inflexible,the shaft is break, the temperature is too high, the speed of motor is reduced,the reducer leaks the oil.

Before installation, check whether the parts of scraper mechanism (such as bearing, coupling, etc.) are damaged,especially whether the scraper shaft is bent or deformed. Since the head shaft and reducer of scraper mechanism are usually together before leaving the factory, the head shaft and reducer should be separated firstly, and then install them, which can ensure the flexible rotation of the scraper shaft.

Flotation machine transportation

3. Cell body failure Solution

Water leakage is the main fault of the cell,which often occur during the installation stage. When the flotation cell is installed, the connection surface of each cell body, especially the position of the anchor, may appear different degrees of water seepage and leakage,sometimes the bottom of the groove individual weld will also appear this situation. Water leakage does not have much effect on the use of flotation cell,but will affect the surrounding environment.

When connecting the surface of the groove,the rubber should be intact and not deformed. At the same time, the flange should be filled with sealant to strengthen the sealing function. After the joint surface is well connected, pre-tightening the bolt. When the slot clearance leakage problem occurs, check whether the bolt is loose firstly, whether the rubber is damaged, try to relax the pre-tightening bolt, and fill the bolt and rubber or repair interval place again with sealant.

4. Gate failure Solution

Gate structure is simple and located in the tail of flotation machine. Its main function is to adjust the level of the cell.In the process of installation and debugging, the gate is often used, so the hand wheel is easy to break down or run out of water.

Firstly, check the lubrication of the screw and the integrity of the rubber. If there is no problem, pay special attention to the important special screw pre - tightening. Glue the rubber on the back ofthe gate to make sure it is firm and flat, and then install the gate when dry enough.


Here are 4 common problems and solutions of flotation cell in the installation and commissioning. If you want the normal efficient operation of flotation machine, buying the high-quality flotation machine,and pay attention to the details in the process of installation and commissioning. It not only ensures the high quality of flotation machine, but also prevent the loss caused by the installation and debugging of flotation machine.

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