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How Is the Mineral Processing Experiment Important for Beneficiation Plant?

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In this post, we are talking about how important the mineral processing experiment is for beneficiation plant.

We are going to discuss its improtance from two aspects here:

  1. Economic benefits

  2. Environmental benefits

Let's dive right in!


Mineral processing experiment is not a strange concept for any dressing plant as more and more concentrators start to attach great importance to it. It's widely agreed that the mineral processing experiment is a diagnosis book for mine benefit. Why is it so important? If it is not conducted, what are the impacts on mine efficiency? 

1. Economic benefits

Reducing production costs is the eternal theme of business management. In terms of economic efficiency, the significance of mineral processing experiment lies in the fact that it costs little but earns much to the concentrator. The results of the mineral processing experiment have obvious economic effects on mine prospecting,mine design, mineral processing plant construction and mineral processing plant production.

By carrying out mineral processing experiment many important factors can be determined including the ore property, the appropriate mineral processing process, the required mineral processing equipment and so on, which can reduce the unnecessary construction losses after the mine construction and subsequent production, and ensure the mine output and ore recovery rate after the production.

On this basis, mineral processing test can be divided into three aspects.

First, the mineral processing experiment provides a basis for the assessment of the value of the mine and determines the source of the economic benefits of the mine. 

Under the current technical and economic conditions, the mineral processing experiment determines whether the ore worth exploitation. For refractory ore with low grade, fine distribution or high content of harmful impurities, the mineral processing experiment can ensure that the useful components in the ore can be recovered, which makes the mine construction technically and economically guaranteed.

Second,the mineral processing test obtains the industrial index of the depositand provides the necessary design of the raw material mineral processing plant. The data that plant need main include as follow:

  • the ore characteristics; 

  • the recommended beneficiation plan;

  • the final beneficiation index;

  • the relevant raw data process;

  • the relevant data of the equipment production capacity;

  • calculation of hydropower;

  • materials Relevant data of consumption;

  • product performance data (such as material composition, particle size, concentrate, medium ore and tailings specific gravity).

Therefore,the mineral processing experiment is the basis for the construction of the mineral processing plant. If the indicators obtained from the mineral processing experiment are economically and technically feasible, the further mine design can be conducted.

Third,the mineral processing experiment can make full use of the mine. 

Most of the minerals do not exist alone in nature. They often accompanied by various minerals. The mineral processing experiment not only fully recover the main minerals, but also makes the symbiotic and associated minerals being completely used. The difference in the ore properties leads to the different separation. For the ore with low grade and complex associated minerals, mineral processing experiment is more important and more decisive for a concentrator.

2. Environmental benefits

In addition, the mineral processing experiment has a significant impact on the environmental benefits of the mine.

The significance of the mineral processing experiment to the environment lies mainly in the reuse of wastes such as waste slag and wastewater which are generated during the beneficiation process. The valuable components of these wastes can be separated and recovered by mineral processing method which can convert toxic substances into non-toxic substances and reduce waste emissions and environmental damage. 

Besides, the regents used in the ore dressing plant is harmful to the human body, agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry, fishery and environmental pollution. So we should do a test to minimize its damage. The mineral processing experiment also fully exploits and utilizes limited mineral resources. It has a protective effect on the natural resources of the mining area.

Mineral processing experiment is closely related to the mine benefit. If the mineral processing experiment is not carried out, the ore properties cannot be estimated and thus the proper mineral processing process can't be identified, which may affect the normal production of the mineral processing plant.

Therefore, the mineral processing experiment is an indispensable key before the mine construction.


Want good mine benefits? Conduct the mineral processing experiment as far as possible! Learn more about ore dressing test, you can send us meassage on the site.

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