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Mineral Processing Experiment, Diagnosis Book of Mine Benefit

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The mineral processing experiment is to carry out the ore selection test for the design of the beneficiation plant. Beneficiation test is the guarantee of a good mine benefit.

To get a complete picture of a mine, you must start with a sample.

The collection of mineral samples is rigorous. The ore sample plays a very important role in the subsequent mineral processing experiments and will affect the judgment of the entire mine. Therefore, it takes a lot of effort and patience in the sample collecting process to collect representative mineral samples. Only in this way,can the ore samples reflect the status of the entire mine as completely as possible.

Aspects That Should be Considered When Sampling Including:

  • Using existing exploration and mining projects in the mine to save time and effort when sampling.

  • The physical properties of the ore, including: hardness, humidity, compressive strength, mud content, etc.

  • Take samples of different locations as far as possible. Generally speaking, the number of samples needs to be determined according to the conditions of the mine and the difference in ore properties, but it is necessary to ensure as many different mineral samples as possible.

  • Construction and transportation conditions of sampling, and so on.


With proper mineral samples, the mineral processing experiment link still can't betaken lightly. It's the main basis for the design of the whole beneficiation process. The results of mineral processing experiment have a direct impact on the determination of process flow, equipment selection, product plan, technical and economic indicators, etc. It also determines whether the dressing plant can obtain the expected economic benefits.

Classification of Beneficiation Test Types

Classified by Scale

According to the scale, the mineral processing experiment test can be divided into three types: laboratory test, semi-industrial test and industrial test. On this basis, if further illustrated, it can be divided into wash ability test,laboratory small process test, laboratory extended continuous test,semi-industrial test, industrial test, and mineral processing single technical test.

Among these six mineral processing experiments, the commonly used mineral processing experiment methods are wash ability tests and laboratory small tests. 

  • The wash ability test focuses on the research and exploration of the type, grade,property of the ore, wash ability difference, basic beneficiation methods and mineral processing indicators that can be achieved, the difficulty of removing harmful impurities, and the possibility of recovery of the associated elements.This kind of test is usually used to evaluate the mine.

  • The small-scale laboratory test in the laboratory will focus on the experimental research and analysis of property of mineral and beneficiation process characteristics,beneficiation method, process structure, beneficiation index, process conditions, etc. 

  • The mineral processing experiment reliability is better than the optional test. The larger the scale of the mineral processing experiment thereafter, the more clear the nature of the mine.


Classified by the Difficulty of Mineral Separation

For the ore of different properties, the mineral processing experiment is also not the same in scale. According to the difficulty of mineral separation, mineral processing experiment can be divided into easy-to-separate ore, relatively easy-to-separate ore, refractory ore, placer,impact ore, etc. 

In the feasibility study and preliminary design stages,different mineral processing experiment methods are involved. Generally speaking, for small and medium-sized mines, if it is easy to separate ore to refractory ore, small process experiments or wash ability tests are required during the feasibility study stage, and it is necessary to carry out extended continuous tests for extremely refractory ore.

In addition, if there are other special requirements for some process stages,individual tests are required according to different processes.

Significance of the Mineral Processing Experiment

  • The mineral processing experiment provides an important basis and foundation for the technical and economic value and industrial indicators of the mineral processing plant, and is also the basis for the future construction of the plant.

  • It is the basis for the full comprehensive utilization of mines and an effective way to reduce industrial waste and environmental pollution.From this point of view, the mineral processing experiment has a considerable role.


Before the construction of the mine, the mine owner can entrust an experienced professional mineral processing experiment company or unit to conduct targeted mineral processing experiment tests.To avoid unnecessary losses.

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