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4 Types of Rock Drill

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A rock drill is a piece of equipment used in mining. It drills a hole in the rock so that explosives can be placed to blow up the rock, thus completing the mining of ore or other rock projects. The rock drill is divided into pneumatic rock drill, hydraulic rock drill,diesel rock drill, electric rock drill according to the power source. This article will introduce you one by one.

Let's start!

Pneumatic Rock Drill

Pneumatic rock drills are currently the most widely used and most numerous rock drilling equipment for underground rock drilling. Compared with hydraulic, diesel, and electric rock drills, pneumatic rock drills have the advantages of simple structure, lightweight, safety, reliability, sturdiness and durability, strong adaptability, easy processing, and low-cost operation, low maintenance technical requirements, and convenient use. 

Its shortcomings are extremely low energy utilization, power consumption is 6~8 times of the power consumed by the same level of electric rock drill, 4~5 times of the same level of hydraulic rock drill; rock drilling speed is half of the same level of hydraulic rock drill; and loud noise, 110~130dB(A), 4~7 times of the same level of the hydraulic rock drill.

However, pneumatic rock drills still have a certain market in many mines, especially small and medium-sized mines, due to their simple structure, high durability and reliability, and low price. But its market share has the tendency to be gradually replaced by hydraulic rock drills.

Hydraulic Rock Drill

The hydraulic rock drill has the advantages of large output power, fast drilling speed, low energy consumption, long life of spare parts, high accuracy of drilling and perfect hydraulic control.

 The use of hydraulic rock drills in conjunction with full hydraulic drilling rigs effectively improved the mechanization level of mine perforation and created a new way to realize fast, efficient, high-quality and safe rock drilling operations. There are types of hydraulic rock drills that use high-pressure water as the energy transfer medium and also hydraulic oil as the working medium. The successful development and application of the hydraulic rock drill is an important technical breakthrough in the history of underground rock drilling equipment.

Diesel Rock Drill

Diesel rock drill is actually a kind of special internal combustion engine. Its biggest feature is that it needs no external energy, flexible and mobile, especially suitable for field operation. Due to the poor ventilation in the underground, it is difficult to discharge the exhaust gas, so it is difficult to promote the internal combustion rock drill in the rock tunnel construction.

Electric Rock Drill

Electric rock drill is a kind of machinery that relies on the conversion of electric energy into mechanical energy to achieve impact rotary rock drilling. Compared with pneumatic rock drills, electric rock drills only need one electric cabinet, eliminating the need for pneumatic equipment and piping system, and the energy utilization rate is relatively high, but the rock drilling speed is low.

Because of the humid air and poor ventilation, the motor body of electric rock drill is easy to heat up and the insulation performance decreases, so electric rock drills are generally used less except in places where pneumatic pipelines are not laid.

To Wrap Up

The above is an introduction to the four common rock drills. Rock drills play an important role in mining plants. High-quality and efficient rock drills can significantly improve the production efficiency of the entire mining plant. It is recommended that you consult a professional rock drill manufacturer to choose a suitable rock drill.

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