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Daily Maintenance of Excavator

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Mining excavator

The purpose of regular maintenance of excavators is to reduce machine failures, extend machine service life, shorten machine downtime, improve work efficiency, and reduce operating costs. Regular maintenance of mining excavators is essential, so what aspects should be considered for daily maintenance of excavators? This article will take you to understand.

Let's start!

Daily Inspection

A daily inspection should be performed before starting the mining excavator. Through daily inspect the locomotive's surroundings and underside in the following order.

1. Whether there is leakage of organic oil, fuel and coolant.

2. Whether there are loose bolts and nuts.

3. Whether there are wire breaks, short circuits and loose battery connectors in the electrical circuit.

4. Whether there is oil stains.

5. Whether there are foreign matters accumulating.

Excavator Fuel Management

  • To choose different types of diesel fuel according to different ambient temperatures.

  • Diesel fuel must not be mixed with impurities, ash, and water, otherwise, it will make the fuel pump wear out prematurely.

  • The high content of paraffin and sulfur in poor-quality fuel will cause damage to the engine.

  • Open the drain valve at the bottom of the fuel tank to drain water before daily operations of the excavator.

  • Fuel tank should be filled after excavator daily operation to prevent water droplets on the inside of the fuel tank.

  • After the engine runs out of fuel or the filter element is replaced, the air in the circuit must be exhausted.

Excavator Other Oil Management

Other oils include engine oil, hydraulic oil, gear oil, etc.

  • Different types and grades of oil cannot be mixed, because different varieties of excavator oil have different chemical or physical additives added in the production process.

  • To ensure that the oil used is clean and prevent debris (water, dust, particles, etc.) from being mixed in.

  • Select the oil grade according to the ambient temperature and usage. When the ambient temperature is high, the oil with high viscosity should be used, and when the ambient temperature is low, the oil with low viscosity should be used; the viscosity of gear oil is relatively large to adapt to the larger transmission load, and the viscosity of hydraulic oil is relatively small to reduce the resistance of liquid flow.

Maintenance of Excavator Filter Element

The filter element plays the role of filtering the impurities in the oil or gas circuit to prevent them from intruding into the system and causing malfunction. The filter element should be replaced regularly according to the operation and maintenance manual of excavator. When replacing the filter element, check whether there is any metal attached to the old filter element. If metal particles are found, timely diagnosis and improvement measures should be taken.

Excavator Hydraulic Pump Repair

Hydraulic pump serious wear on the excavator has a fatal impact, so such problems must be solved in time for the mining excavator. When repairing the hydraulic pump of an excavator, find the cause of the failure from the following three points:

  1. Check the internal leakage of the swing arm cylinder.The easiest way is to raise the swing arm to see if there is a clear free fall. If the drop is obvious, disassemble the oil cylinder for inspection, and replace the sealing ring if it is worn.

  2. Check the control valve. First, clean the safety valve and check whether the valve core is worn or not. If it is worn, replace it. If there is no change after the safety valve is installed, check the abrasion of the valve core of control valve. The use limit of the clearance is generally 0.06MM, and it should be replaced if it is severely worn.

  3. Measure the pressure of the excavator hydraulic pump. If the pressure of the mining excavator hydraulic pump is low, it can be adjusted. If the pressure cannot be adjusted, it means that the excavator hydraulic pump is severely worn.

To Wrap Up

The above are the maintenance of excavator. When purchasing a mining excavator, you should know more about the maintenance of excavator so as to extend the life of the excavator, and then obtain the quotations from reliable mining equipment manufacturers. You can also contact our online service, we will select the appropriate excavator model and give you the reasonable quotation according to your needs.

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