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Tipper Truck Maintenance Checklist

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Tipper truck is commonly used transportation equipment in mines. Its maintenance work can be divided into three systems: routine maintenance, first-order maintenance and second-order maintenance.

Routine maintenance is carried out once a day; the first-order maintenance is carried out every 1000 ~ 1500km driving; the second-order maintenance is carried out every 4000 ~ 6000km driving.

Routine maintenance refers to the inspections and preventive maintenance measures that are carried out for cleaning, tightening, adjustment, lubrication and anti-corrosion to discover hidden dangers in time and maintain good working conditions before and after each shift and during driving. 

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#1. Inspection Items before Setting off for Work

1. Before setting off for work, check and replenish cooling water and fuel. Check whether the oil level of the crankcase is within the scale range specified by the oil dipstick;

2. Check whether the air pressure of the tire (including the spare tire) meets the requirements, and pay attention to whether the tread is punctured, stone, and the valve core is intact (the tire pressure should be 0.8MPa);

3. Check the connection and tightness of the steering mechanism, braking system and each transmission mechanism;

4. Check whether there is any leakage of water, oil, air, or electricity;

5. Check whether the speakers, lights, signals, meters, rearview mirrors, wipers, etc. are working properly and installed firmly;

6. Check the brake system components and pipelines for leaks.

#2. Inspection Items on the Way

1. Check the engine and chassis for abnormal noise at any time during driving;

2. Test whether various control mechanisms, such as steering system, clutch and brake, are flexible and whether their actions are reliable;

3. Observe whether the oil pressure, water temperature and various indicating instruments are working properly at any time;

4. Stop occasionally to check whether the temperature of the engine, brake drum, transmission, and reducer are normal;

5. Check the tire pressure.

#3. Maintenance after the Work

1. After the work is over, turn off the main power switch;

2. Clean the sludge and dirt on the exterior of the tipper truck and remove the stone and nail on the tire;

3. Check the tipper truck accessories, such as the water tank cap, fuel tank cap, battery heating cap, vehicle tools, spare parts, spare tires, etc. for loss or damage;

3. Check whether the connecting rods and fasteners are loose, damaged or falling off, and fasten and repair them. Check the tightness of the fan and engine belt;

4. Replenish fuel, battery fluid, tire pressure, and cooling water according to the specified capacity (vehicles that do not use antifreeze in the low-temperature freezing season should drain the cooling water), and lubricate the lubrication points as needed;

5. Discharge the oil and water, dirt in the air storage cylinder and the water and sediment in the fuel filter;

6. Keep the truck clean, especially to remove the dust on the cylinder fins, oil radiator and intercooler;

7. Check whether the frame is severely deformed, whether the link bolts are loose, and if there is any, it should be trimmed or tightened.

8. Check whether the main beam and cross beam of the frame are welded or cracked. If there is, repair the welding firmly in time.

To Wrap Up

The above is the routine maintenance of tipper trucks, which need to be performed daily. You can refer to the above checklist for maintenance.

In addition to routine maintenance, there are also first-order maintenance and second-order maintenance. Later, we will write articles to explain them separately. Please pay attention to our website for more information.

If you have any questions about the routine maintenance of tipper trucks, or want to buy tipper trucks, please leave a message on our website or consult online customer service for more information.

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