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Application of High Purity Quartz

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High-purity quartz is high-quality quartz produced in nature (such as crystal) or processed from relatively pure quartz raw materials. Because of its low impurity content and unique physical properties, it has become a necessary raw material for some high-tech industries to produce high value-added quartz products.

Let's take a look at what fields the high-purity quartz sand is used in!

#1 Information Technology

High-performance quartz glass products prepared from high purity quartz sand are the basic raw materials for the production of optical fiber and affiliated optoelectronic components for the communication industry and are used to produce single-mode and multimode fiber preformed rods, quartz casing. The devices made of quartz glass materials are particularly widely used, such as quartz diffusion tubes, large diffusion bell shades, quartz cleaning tanks, quartz furnace doors, optical fiber cables for optical communication, semiconductor chips, and many other products. High purity quartz is an important raw material for the preparation of information display glass, mainly used in smartphones, smart wearable devices, TFT-LCD substrate glass in OLED TV, ultra-thin touch screen glass, high strength cover glass, etc.

#2 High-end Equipment Manufacturing

In the production and preparation of advanced optical instruments, high purity quartz is used as the basic raw material, such as high-precision micro-optical instruments, high-definition, high-transmittance optical lenses, excimer laser optical devices, projectors, etc. In addition, high-purity quartz is the basic raw material for the production of high-temperature resistant quartz lamps. Which are often used to produce high-performance, high-temperature resistant lamps, such as ultraviolet lamps, high-temperature mercury lamps, xenon lamps, halogen lamps, and high-intensity gas discharge lamps.

#3 New Material Field

Quartz fiber is an inorganic fiber made from high purity quartz or natural crystal. It has some excellent properties and characteristics of solid quartz is an excellent high-temperature resistant material, and can also be used as a reinforcing phase for advanced materials. At the same time, quartz fiber has high electrical insulation properties, ablation resistance, thermal shock resistance, excellent dielectric properties, and good chemical stability, etc. It has important applications in the military, defense, aviation, aerospace, and other industries, and can be used to manufacture rocket flamethrowers, aerospace thermal protection devices, etc.

#4 New Energy Field

Solar cells produced using monocrystalline silicon can directly convert solar energy into light energy, realizing the beginning of a green energy revolution. Monocrystalline silicon solar cells are the fastest developing type of solar cells, their composition and production process has been finalized, and the products have been widely used in space and ground facilities.

#5 Other Applications

Quartz glass is a special glass containing only a single component of silica, with an extremely small coefficient of linear expansion, 1/10 to 1/20 of ordinary glass, and has excellent thermal shock resistance. Since it has high spectral transmission and will not be damaged by radiation lines, it is also an ideal glass for spacecraft, wind tunnel windows, and spectrophotometer optical systems, and has played an important role in China's Shenzhou and Tiangong spacecraft, advanced warplane radome, high-speed railway safety glass, and other fields.

To Wrap Up

The above are a few applications of high purity quartz sand, the market for high purity quartz is very large, are you considering processing your quartz ore into high purity quartz before selling or applying it? If you have other questions about the applications of high purity quartz sand, you can consult the online customer service and leave a message, we will contact you as soon as possible!

And in the next article, we will find out which type of quartz sand can be used as raw material for high purity quartz sand! Stay tuned for updates on our website if you are interested!

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