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4 Ways to Teach You How to Improve the Index of Extraction of Tin Ore

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For the different types of tin deposits and tin ore properties, the extraction of tin is different. Here are 4 ways to teach you how to improve the index of extraction of tin ore. Let's get started.

1. Fully prepare the pre-separation that centers on grinding stage

In the tin sulfide ore, the tin ore is closely combined with the iron-bearing ore, so the grinding operation is the key link. Before the separation, the tin ore must be ground to a smaller size to ensure the necessary degree of dissociation. 

A large amount of sulfide in the tin ore is the object of comprehensive utilization, and the intermediate specific gravity mineral which hinders the extraction of tin ore, so the sulfide must be separated by the pre-flotation process before the shaking table gravity separation. 

Most flotation machine has the poor effect on the flotation of coarse particle, which often make the particle size of one stage grinding is too fine,thus resulting in serious overcrushing.


Therefore, reducing over-crushing and non-fineness should be regarded as one of the main directions to improve the mineral processing index, save the energy, reduce the consumption improve the processing capacity.

Here are 3 steps:

1) Reasonably allocate the crushing ratio and energy consumption of each operation from crushing to grinding stage. 

Try to reduce the particle size of each stage of crushing products by this method, more crushing and less grinding, and at least the final crushing consumption should be reduced to -12mm.

2) Adopt the fine screen and other high-efficiency classifying equipment.

Use this to replace the closed-circuit with the grinding mill, which improves the classifying efficiency to over 75-80%.

3) Improve the material and design of grinding medium and lining plate. 

At present, the lining plate of the grinding mill is made of manganese steel, and the steel ball and steel bar are made of high carbon steel with high single consumption. However, the service life of wear-resistant rubber lining plate can be improved 2-5 times, and the weight is light (1/7 of the steel lining plate), and the noise is low. If adopt the high chromium cast iron or Ni-hard cast iron, the unit consumption can be reduced by 3/4 and 1/2.Use the angular spiral liner instead of corrugated liner can reduce the medium consumption by 15-18% and save energy consumption by 15-17%.

2. Focus on the pre-separation and roughing

How to discharge the waste rock and tailings by the pre-separation and roughing is the key to develop and utilize the vein zone mesh ore, low-grade sand tin and old tin tailings. Therefore, pre-separation and roughing is the effective ways to improve the economic benefits of the extraction of tin ore with sulfide.


If a large amount of gangue cannot be discharged under the block or coarse grain, the roughing equipment with large processing capacity and low processing cost should be adopted to the roughing of ore sand, such as jigger,spiral separator, sharp shrinkage chute, conic separator, short cone or cylinder type cyclone, multi-level shaking table. Using the centrifugal separator to the slime roughing.

Pre-separation and roughing can greatly save the energy consumption and reduce the costs,

Generally, 15-30% can be reduced.

3. Adopt the combination of gravity separation and flotation to improve the recovery rate of fine tin ore

Fine mud recovery is always a difficult problem in the extraction of tin ore, and an important sign to test the processing level of extraction of tin ore.

Gravity separation of fine mud can obtain 30-40%of tin ore concentrate grade, 40-50% of recovery rate with low cost and little environment pollution, but it is not suitable to the recovery of fine tin ore (the recovery rate is about 20% when the particle size is -19 - +10um particle, and the recovery rate is about 3% when the particle size is -10um), it is suitable for the treatment of the fine mud of oxide ore with high iron content.

For the recovery rate of fine tin by the froth flotation process of fine tin mud (the recovery rate of -19 - + 10 um is greater than 85%, (the recovery rate of -10 um is greater than 60%), the recovery rate of mud ore can reach 50-65%, which is higher 10-15% than the fine mud gravity separation process generally, but the cost is high and the concentrate grade is low (most of 10-20%),the price of tin concentrate usually lower 1/4 than that of by the gravity separation.


The tungsten flotation process can be introduced to the extraction of fine tin sulfide mud, which improves the recovery rate of tin by 5%. But it is necessary to reasonably select the structural parameters of the centrifugal concentrator, improve the operation way (such as changing the feeding mode, adding washing water in the separation process, etc.), and improve the enrichment ratio and recovery rate of the roughing of centrifugal separator, improve the feed preparation of tin ore flotation (concentration,buffer, desliming, desulfurization).

4. Develop the combined process of gravity separation, froth flotation, magnetic separation and electric separation to improve the comprehensive recovery rate

The tin sulfide ore has complex deposit properties and contains a lot of associated valuable elements. When the polymetallic sulfide tin ore contains other useful metal minerals and gangues, the combined process of gravity separation, froth flotation, magnetic separation and electric separation can be adopted to separate a variety of concentrates and middlings, then using the different smelting methods to respectively obtain higher recovery rate and economic benefits.

At present, the development trend of the extraction of tin ore is from single gravity separation method to the combined process of gravity separation, froth flotation, magnetic separation and electrical separation,from the recovery of single tin concentrate product to a variety of useful concentrate products.


Above is the four measures used to improve the index of the extraction of tin ore. Before the extraction of tin ore, it is suggested that the ore owners should carry on the mineral processing test, and adopt the scientific and reasonable process for the extraction of tin ore according to the tin ore properties and investment cost, thus ensure the ideal mineral processing index and economic benefits.

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