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9 Factors That Affect Efficiency of Vibrating Screen

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In this post we're going to talk about 9 factors that can affect efficiency of vibrating screen. 

We're going to cover these 3 aspects:

  1. Ore property

  2. Screening performance

  3. Operating condition

Let's dive right in!

Vibrating screen, as one of the common screening equipment, mainly depends on its vibration characteristics to complete the classification, dehydration and desilting operations, which is widely used in the screening operation of mineral processing plant. Screening efficiency of the vibrating screen can affect the output and production efficiency of the whole production line. Here are some reasons that affect the efficiency of vibrating screen.

working vibrating screen

1.Ore Property

1) Water content

Experiments show that adding surface active material to water containing material can increase the activity and dispersibility of materials, and improve the screening condition. Besides, using the vibrating screen deck that is made up of non-hydrophilic materials also can improve the screening efficiency of vibrating screen.

2) Silt content

The soil is easy to knot and lock the mesh in the screening process. Clayey materials and viscous materials can only be screened with large mesh in some special cases. Wet screening is spraying water on the material that is moving along the vibrating screen deck, and pre-desliming before screening.

3) Particle characteristic

The particle characteristic mainly refers to the content of various grained materials that have a specific influence on the vibrating screening process. When the difficult screening material is much more than other fractions, the screening process is better. The particle characteristics also include the shape of particles. It is easier to screening for those particles who have close three-dimensional sizes, such as spheres and polyhedrons. In other conditions, it is more difficult to screening for those particles with large different sizes, such as slice, strip shape.

4) Density characteristics

There is no effect on screening effect if all particles are the same density. However, if the density of coarse and fine particles are different, the situation is totally different. If the coarse-grained density is small, then fine-grained density is large. In contrast, coarse-grained density is larger and fine-grained density is small.

2. Screening Performance of the Vibrating Screen

vibrating screen mesh

1) Movement type of vibrating screen deck

Movement type of vibrating screen deck is related to the looseness of the oversize material layer and the speed, direction and frequency of vibrating screen motion. In the vibrating screen, movement type of screen deck is divided into several kinds of forms: circular vibration, linear vibration and elliptical vibration. There are many kinds of vibrating screens with high screening quality, such as circular vibrating screen, auto centering vibrating screen, linear vibrating screen.

2) Structure parameters of screen deck

  • Screen width and length

In general, the screen width directly determines the processing capacity of the vibrating screen. The wider the screen, the larger the processing capacity. The screen length determines the screening efficiency. The longer the screen, the higher the screening efficiency. When the screen length reaches a certain size, the screening efficiency will be rarely increased, or even no longer increases. And if you increase the screen length now, only the size and quality of screen are increased.

  • Screen slope

Screen slope has a great influence on the screen strength. The larger screen slope, the smaller particle size, the smaller screen slope, the larger particle size. In order to exclude oversize material easier, sometimes the screen deck should be installed obliquely. The larger slope, the faster the material layer moves on the screen deck, the greater the productivity. But the time that material stays on the screen deck is shortened, which decreases the screen-penetrating probability and reduces the screening efficiency.

  • Size, shape and screen porosity

The larger screen, the higher unit area screening efficiency and the higher screening efficiency. In general, the larger mesh size, the higher porosity of screen. When the mesh size is certain, the larger porosity of screen is more beneficial to screening of the vibrating screen. However, but porosity of screen is often limited by screen strength and service life.

3. Operating condition of the Vibrating Screen

For certain screen and raw materials, the operating condition mainly refers to the quantity and mode of feeding. Continuous and even feeding is the best feeding method. In addition, please timely clean and maintain the screen deck, which is also conducive to screening effect of the vibrating screen.

vibrating screen in factory


Screening efficiency of the vibrating screen can affect the output and production efficiency of the whole production line. So we should pay attention to these 9 factors, and do better maintenance. 

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