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3 Common Chrome Mining Processes

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The common chrome mining processes mainly include single gravity separation, single magnetic separation and gravity separation -magnetic separation combined process. With the development of mining amount, Chrome is to be exhausted as a non-renewable resource. In order to increase the recovery rate of chrome, it should choose suitable chrome mining process. 

This post is mainly introducing these three processes: 

  • single gravity separation

  • single magnetic separation

  • gravity separation -magnetic separation combined process

So if you want to learn more about chrome mining process, you'll love this post.

Let's dive right in!

1. Single Gravity Separation Process

Gravity separation is to recover chrome minerals according to the gravity differences between chrome and gangue minerals.

Single gravity separation includes two steps, full-grain gravity separation and classifying gravity separation. It uses spiral helix chute and shaking table as the chrome mining equipment, spiral helix chute as roughing equipment, and shaking table as concentrating equipment. Shaking table has a better effect on concentrating.

This chrome mining process is rather simple no matter with shaking table or spiral helix chute. This process accepts one-stage grinding, which reduces production costs and equipment investment. However, the recovery rate of this chrome mining process is not ideal.

2. Single Magnetic Separation 

Magnetic separation is to recover chrome concentrates according to the magnetic differences between chrome and gangue minerals. Due to the weakly magnetic, high-magnetism is often used to magnetically purify chromium ore. The mainly equipment for this separation is high-magnetism magnetic separator.

But weak magnetic separation can hardly be separated with chrome minerals in coarse grains. In order to recover high-grade chrome concentrates, weak magnetic concentrates should be grinded.

In practice, magnetic separation-gravity separation combined process are widely used for chrome separation than single magnetic separation.

3. Gravity Separation-Magnetic Separation Combined Process 

The flow of magnetic separation -gravity separation combined process are:

weak magnetic–strong magnetic–weak magnetic separation concentrates grinding and shaking table gravity separation–strong magnetic separation concentrates classifying– shaking table gravity separation technology

In order to increase the grade of concentrates, magnetic separation concentrates should be reprocessed before gravity separation. Weak magnetic concentrates need regrinding before gravity separation. Strong magnetic concentrates enter shaking table gravity separation after classifying. The equipment investment and production costs are increased, while the grade of chrome concentrates and recovery rate is better.

This technology is more reasonable to reach better processing index.


According to chrome characteristic and specific of processing flow, these three chrome mining processes can reach each respective processing index. But, compared with other two chrome mining processes, gravity separation-magnetic separation combined process is more reasonable and can get the better processing index.

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