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How to Maintain Flotation Cell?

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As the main equipment of mineral processing plant, flotation cells has large power and long running period. The maintenance of flotation machine can ensure its stable and continuous operation and prolong its service life. In the flotation machine maintenance process, the operator should be done as the follows:

flotation cell

1. Knowing the Construction of Flotation Cell

Different types and models of flotation cells, the structure is different, but in general, the flotation cell includes motor, bearing, scraper, central tube, tub, steady flow, the diversion pipe, the impeller, cover plate, and the suction device. For flotation plant, it need maintenance operation personnel according to the actual situation, clarifying flotation plant configuration details of flotation machine, make sure problems arise can timely find out root cause, avoid affect economic benefit.

2. Knowing the Operation Attentions of Flotation Cell

(1) The attention before operation

  • Before operation, it is necessary to check whether there are sundries in the flotation tank to prevent sundries from jamming the impeller or blocking the circulation hole and channel. When necessary, the ore gate should be opened for flushing.

  • Check whether the ore drawing valve switch is flexible, whether the liquid level control device is flexible, according to the selection requirements to adjust the ore discharge, in order to maintain a constant slurry level.

  • Check the flotator scraper, transmission triangle belt and box lining rubber to keep it smooth and tidy. Check whether the false bottom, steady flow plate and baffle are complete and set steadily.

  • Check whether the air pipeline of flotation machine is unimpeded, and should be dredged in time if any problem is found.

  • Check whether the lubricator of flotation machine is filled with grease and whether the bearing is filled with grease.

  • Check whether the fastener of the equipment is loose.

  • Check whether the pulley shaft rotation is flexible, impeller collision, friction.

(2) The attention of starting

There are two ways to start the flotation machine, one is to start with empty tank, the other is to start with full tank after stopping the machine.

When the empty tank is started, the ore shall be fed first, the stirred tank shall be started, and the flotation machine connected with the ore box shall be started. The flotation machine connected with the ore box shall be started after the slurry completely submerges the cover plate.

When the full tank is started after shutdown, the flotation equipment at the next stage shall be started according to the flow direction of slurry. Open the mixing tank, start the car, and inject slurry into the ore pipe until overflow. Note: start from the last tank to the first tank one after another.

(3) The attention of stopping

As with startup, there are two conditions of discharging slurry and maintaining full tank. When the ore slurry needs to be emptied, the ore shall be stopped first. When the ore slurry is completely stopped, the gate of the middle tail box shall be opened and the stirring tank shall be stopped. The flotation machine shall be maintained in normal operation until the cover plate can be seen.

When stopping at full tank, the steps are relatively simple. Stop feeding the ore first, then stop the stirring tank according to the flow direction of slurry, and stop the flotation machine backward successively from the first tank of the flotation machine.

3. Maintaining Daily Inspection and Maintenance

The attention of maintenance includes:

  • Whether the bolts of each part are loose, whether the triangle belt is complete, whether the safety cover is complete and firm.

  • Motor and motor bearing temperature is normal.

  • Whether the inspiratory volume is normal.

  • Whether the lubrication points are kept lubricated and whether the lubricating oil is sufficient.

  • Whether the ore drawing valve and the box body keep straight.

  • Whether the tank leaks.

  • Whether the scraper parts are in good condition.


The above is the flotation cell daily maintenance should be done when some aspects, in the flotation plant operation, to do these aspects is to ensure the basic aspects of flotation plant operation, in the above aspects at the same time timely find problems and find out the root cause, to avoid unnecessary economic losses.


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