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6 Advantages of Efficient Improved Thickener

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The thickener is one of the indispensable equipment of each large-scale beneficiation plant, which is suitable for the dewatering treatment of concentrate and tailings in the beneficiation plant.However, with the continuous improvement of mineral processing requirements, the disadvantages of traditional thickeners are becoming more and more prominent, such as slow settling speed, easy operation and muddy, and low processing capacity. In response to these problems, efficient improved thickeners have been developed, the article will introduces 6 advantages of efficient improved thickeners.

let's start.

efficient improved thickener

1.Add the Feed Pipe Under the Liquid Level

For the conventional ordinary thickener, the slurry to be concentrated is usually pumped into the thickener,which is easy to generate negative pressure in the clarification zone and lead to air mixing, which is not conducive to the full sedimentation of the slurry.The inlet of the feed pipe of efficient improved thickener will be set below the overflow surface of the thickener, and the single or double pipe will enter the central mixing cylinder of the thickener to avoid the mixing of secondaryair.

2. Move the Feeding Cylinder Down

The conventional thickener feeding barrel is usually located at the junction of settling zone and settling zone, which is easy to muddy the materials in settling zone again. Efficient improved thickener moved the feeding cylinder down, and there are a plate to keep the material. It makes the feed pulp fall down more evenly and slowly, so as to effectively prevent the flow age phenomenon caused by the ore pressure, and the settlement effect is better.

3. Add the Deaerating Tank

After the bubble in the pulp enters the concentrator, it will destroy the interface between the pulp and the clean water layer, which is not conducive to the sedimentation of particles, so it should be removed in advance. Efficient improved thickener can deploy ordinary deaerating tank, high-efficiency deaerating tank and defoaming cylinder. The purpose is to eliminate the bubbles in the pulp and let the solid particles settle quickly.

4. Add Inner Over Dam

Add the inner overflow dam for thickener, so that the material can flow through the regulation routine. By increasing particle stroke and preventing “short circuit”, the settlement area is greatly increased and the clarification area is not affected.

5. Add Zigzag Overflow Dam

Add the zigzag overflow dam is mainly to resolve the negative pressure difference in the thickener. The large pressure difference is changed into countless small pressure difference,which can improve the suction phenomenon of local drainage caused by uneven overflow dam.

6. The Shape of Rake From Line Type to Curve Type

Change the shape of rake from line type to curve type. In this way, the pulp is not only harrow to the center, but also gives the force of the extruded center, which makes the bottom flow concentration higher, which increases the processing ability of the thick-driven machine.


The above is the 6 advantages of efficient improved thickener, which not only effectively improves the working efficiency of the thickener, but also extends the service life of the equipment. Xinhai can be tailored for different mines and different types of minerals, so that it can be combined with the process, improve productivity, reduce energy consumption, and effectively extend the stable operation time of equipment.


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