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7 Common Manganese Mining Processes

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In this post we'll talk about the 7 common manganese mining processes:

Besides, you're also going to see:

  1. Washing-screening separation process

  2. Gravity separation process

  3. Strong magnetic separation process

  4. Gravity separation–magnetic separation process

  5. Strong magnetic separation–froth flotation process

  6. Leaching process

  7. Fire enrichment process

Let's dive right in!

The common manganese ores mainly include manganese oxide ore and manganese carbonate ore. As for the fine and micro embedded manganese ores, and there are an amount of high phosphate ore, high iron ore and co–(concomitant) beneficial metals, so the manganese processing is quite difficult.

Now, the common manganese mining processes include physics mining processes (washing-screening separation process, gravity separation process, strong magnetic separation process, froth flotation process, combined separation process), chemical mining process (leaching process), and special mining process (fire enrichment) and so on.

1. Washing-screening separation process

Washing mainly makes use of hydraulic washing and mechanical scrubbing to realize the separation of minerals and mud. The common manganese processing equipment includes washing screen, roller washing scrubber, and chute scrubber. Washing is usually with screening, such as washing with water on vibrating screen and then screening the mineral sands with vibrating screen.

Screen for manganese ore

2. Gravity separation process

Now, gravity separation process is a kind of manganese mining process used for the manganese ores with simple structure and coarse fineness, especially for the manganese ores with large density. Common gravity separation process can also be divided into heavy medium separation, jigging separation and shaking table separation.

gravity separator for manganese ore

The manganese mining process that used to deal with manganese oxide ores usually need to crush the ores into 0-6mm to 0-10mm, and then classify them. The coarse minerals are sent to jigging separation, and the fine minerals are sent to shaking table separation.

3. Strong magnetic separation process

Manganese ore belong to weak magnetic mineral (specific susceptibility X=10×10-6~600×10-6cm3/g), which can be effectively recycled in strong magnetic separator with Ho=800-1600kA/m (10000-20000oe). Generally, the grade of manganese can be increased by 4% to 10%.

This kind of manganese mining process is featured with easy-to-operate and control and strong adaption, so magnetic separation process is wildly used in the separation of various kinds of manganese ore. In recent years, magnetic separation has occupied the important status in the manganese processing. All types of strong magnetic separators are developed to process coarse, middle, and fine fineness of manganese ore.

4. Gravity separation–magnetic separation process

The manganese ore with qualified particle size is sent to the magnetic separator for weak magnetic separation, thus getting the manganese concentrate with strong magnetism and tailings with weak magnetism, the tailings are sent to the magnetic separator for strong magnetic separation, thus getting the strong magnetic tailings and concentrates, then the concentrate is sent to the gravity separation equipment for separation, thus getting the gravity separation manganese concentrate and tailings.

5. Strong magnetic separation–froth flotation process

The strong magnetic separation–froth flotation process has good adaptability. The high intensity magnetic separators not only remove the slime effectively, but also improve the selection grade of the froth flotation. Comprehensive manganese concentrate products can be directly obtained by high intensity magnetic separation–froth flotation desulfurization. Using the sodium petroleum sulfonate instead of oxidized paraffin soap as the collector can make the pulp realize the separation under the neutral and normal temperature, which saves the consumption of medicine and energy.

magnetic separator for manganese ore

6. Leaching process

Usually, manganese leaching process includes direct leaching, roasting leaching and biological leaching. Among them, the direct leaching process can be divided into disulphate process, sulfur dioxide process, ferrous sulfate process and so on.

Take the So2 leaching process as an example, the manganese ore is mixed with slurry, and the sulfur dioxide gas is injected to convert the manganese oxide in the ore into MnSO4 and MnS2O6. Adding lime milk to filtrate can produce manganese hydroxide precipitation and obtain solid manganese hydroxide after filtration. This kind of manganese mining process is suitable for the manganese oxide ore with low grade and fine dissemination size.

7. Fire enrichment process

Manganese ore fire enrichment process is a kind of manganese mining process used to deal with high phosphorus and high iron difficult to select poor manganese ore, which is generally called manganese rich slag process. It mainly uses the different reducing temperature of manganese, phosphorus and iron to selectively separate manganese, phosphorus and iron by controlling their temperature in blast furnace or electric furnace.

Manganese Ore


The above is the common manganese mining processes. In the actual production, the manganese carbonate ore mining process mostly uses the strong magnetic separation process, the heavy medium dressing process and froth flotation process and so on. Manganese oxide ore mining process mainly adopts the gravity separation process, like ore washing-gravity separation process or ore washing-reduction roasting magnetic separation-gravity separation process. Of course, for refractory manganese ore, two or even several kinds of manganese mining processes are combined.

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