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How To Improve The Metal Recovery In The Sorting Process

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Ore dressing recovery percentage refers to the percentage between the amount of metal in the concentrate and the amount of metal in the original ore.It is an important beneficiation index, which reflects the degree of metal recovery in the beneficiation process, the level of beneficiation technology and the quality of beneficiation process. In the beneficiation process, the recovery rate of beneficiation should be improved as much as possible while ensuring the grade of concentrate.The completeness of this separation process can be assessed by the metal recovery rate. 

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The recovery index is the premise of the technical analysis work of the dressing plant and the scale for evaluating the good performance of the dressing plant.

In order to obtain better recovery index, the following aspects must be done

  • Accurately record the amount of raw ore. Many production units of raw ore measurement is not accurate, which will make production has a lot of blindness. 

  • To measure the grade of raw ore. The grade of raw ore is an important standard to evaluate the recovery rate.

  • Measure the standard tailing grade. One way to increase recovery rates is for tailings to remove less useful minerals. 

  • Accurate concentrate grade measurement. The separation index is mainly determined by grade and recovery rate. When the quality of concentrate is not high, the recovery rate of metal should be increased as much as possible to ensure economic benefits.

In the end how to improve the recovery rate of dressing? 

Improve The Beneficiation Process

With the improvement of mineral processing technology and development of the concentrator can be used to grinding technology of middlings was rough concentrate, mixed concentrate, or to choose measures such as good selectivity the mineral processing reagents, the concentrate grade stability more than 20%, at the same time, the recovery rate of metal in a higher level. 

The Valuable Minerals Comprehensive Recovery

Ore dressing technology development has made the comprehensive recovery of ore is part of the communist party of valuable components get attaches great importance to the concentrator of these valuable mineral recovery can improve the ore recovery originally, at the same time, improve the economic benefits of concentrator. 

Using High Efficient Separation Equipment 

The separation equipment is directly related to the use of beneficiation production overall quality, flotation equipment, for example, mixing ability strong, uniform air dispersion, gas plasma combined with good, to more effective sorting out useful minerals and gangue minerals. So high quality equipment is critical. 

The Enlarged Equipment 

The enlarged equipment is one of the main measures to improve the economic index of concentrator. Concentrators should choose large equipment suitable for their own construction scale as far as possible, which is conducive to the realization of automatic control of production, increase the recovery rate of ore, reduce energy consumption and save costs, and improve the economic benefits of concentrators.

Operating Ability of Concentrator Workers

In addition to the objective factors , metal recovery rate is also related to the operating ability of concentrator workers. Training and guidance for operators should be strengthened to lay a good foundation for improving the recovery rate index. For example, miners should carefully operate the grinding equipment according to the technical specifications, and at the same time, ensure that the wear degree of the equipment is under control, complete the specified grinding and grading operation indexes, and make the ore meet the requirements of monomer separation degree, so as to facilitate the separation operation. Separation workers carefully operate, carefully adjust, as far as possible has been separated from the monomer metal mineral separation up, reduce the metal content into the tailings.


It should be noted that the grade of concentrate cannot be ignored in order to increase the recovery rate. Therefore, it is necessary to find a professional company and beneficiation plant to determine the beneficiation plan with high recovery rate and high economic benefit.

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